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 Archived updates from the front page Archived updates from the front page
-last updated ​April 12, 2017+last updated ​June 10, 2017
 +  * A Compromised XM Briefing (broken into 6 parts) has been released via the portal network and other sources [[videos:​compromisedxmbriefing]]
 +  * An event, MAGNUS: REAWAKENS is taking place May 19-21,2017 [[events:​MAGNUS REAWAKENS|Detailed Dossier]]
 +  * An event is taking place in Japan on December 10, 2016 [[events:​sixteen twelve ten|Detailed Dossier]]
 +  * Group Review of the Ingress Origins comic - please help and add your observations - [[resources:​books:​ingress_origins| Detailed Dossier]]
 +  * Listing of When P.A. Chapeau Investigate Ingress was hacked [[investigation:​investigateingresssept2016sitehack]]
 +  * A number of Intel pieces dropped surrounding the Feb. 27 anomaly events: [[Flint Dille Comic Questions]],​ [[Moyers Locked Box]], [[GoRuck Intel]]
   * [[investigation:​videos:​everylightcastsashadowvideo|New Via Noir]] Video posted   * [[investigation:​videos:​everylightcastsashadowvideo|New Via Noir]] Video posted
   * Via Lux Anomaly completes - ADA Returns   * Via Lux Anomaly completes - ADA Returns
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