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 **Latest Updates** **Latest Updates**
-Last updated ​June 15, 2018+Last updated ​July 1, 2018
 see archived updates at [[Updates Old]] see archived updates at [[Updates Old]]
 +From an [[https://​​+AndrewKrug/​posts/​UfTGWZ5u83s|Andrew Klug AMA post]] - Information regarding the affect of the two Camps
 +Q2: Josh Stock - Is there a summary of what happened, storyline-wise,​ at Navarro and Kaltenberg? ​
 +A2: According to a number of investigators present on the ground at the Epiphany Night events, several teams of RPE (Remote Participation Experiment) Agents ventured into three different Anomalous zones. The first zone took them to a future Camp Navarro -- where Antoine Smith was pursuing a Prime Object known capable of channeling XM across a Universe-threshold. The second zone led them to Schloss Kaltenberg in the year 1331 where -- amidst a bloody battle between Osiris Cultists and the fragmented remains of a Templar Knight order, a second Prime Object -- capable of locating specific Universe thresholds -- was being protected. Agents, having retrieved these two Prime Objects, were told by Hank Johnson that, in order to avert an XM crisis in our own universe, massive amounts of XM must be channeled into an XM sparse universe. To complete their mission, Agents remotely entered the Niantic Project facility in a universe codenamed ‘OSIRIS’ on the day of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Power Cube test. Almost all groups of Agents were able to successfully channel XM into that universe, causing the Power Cube test to proceed as required. Given the low casualty rate on returning RPE Agents, Director Johnson classified the mission as successful.
   * Working on a [[investigation:​Cassandra Dossier]]to prepare for the upcoming Cassandra Prime Events in July, 2018 and August 2018   * Working on a [[investigation:​Cassandra Dossier]]to prepare for the upcoming Cassandra Prime Events in July, 2018 and August 2018
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