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 ==== 12/31/2013 ==== ==== 12/31/2013 ====
-**[[link|original link]]** \\   +**[[https://​​+NianticProject/​posts/​Zhf5hU24ym3|original link]]** \\   
-text+It's the time for New Year's resolutions,​ and perhaps New Year's alliances. 
 +In this leaked +Hulong Transglobal transcript, Ken Owen (the NIAs '​Narrative Manager'​) and Ezekiel Calvin, a former NIA field agent who left in the wake of the Niantic Shutdown to head the American think-tank +IQTech Research ponder their path forward. 
 +With the reappearance of Jarvis, it seems they are both intent on adopting a defensive posture; the unknown ultimately representing the greatest possible of all threats. 
 +At the end of the day, both these men seem to be driven by a desire to achieve the greater good. The problem is, with the complexity of our world, those greater goods can often look very different depending on where you stand. 
 +Our unescapable inability to view an issue from all possible perspectives is something that worries me. At the end of the day, our moral and ethical compasses may operate on magnetic lines that are not universally shared. As an Ingress agent, operating in a world that has barely begun to be understood, do you believe your work serves the greater good? If so, share your reasoning, and how to intend to continue this good work through the coming year. 
 +To all of you, I want to thank you for your assistance in keeping this Investigation alive through 2013. It was a task too great to take on alone, and each voice in our daily conversations has helped us open the door to this massive unknown. 
 +A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful speculation,​ insight and references. 
 \\  \\ 
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