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 ==== 11/30/2013 ==== ==== 11/30/2013 ====
-**[[link|original link]]** \\   +**[[https://​​+NianticProject/​posts/​GP96EPiZVWN|original link]]** \\   
-text+Our destiny awaits? 
 +Some days ago, a series of voicemails began to appear mysteriously on Lynton-Wolfe'​s RedX prototype devices. 
 +When decrypted, a voice emerged from the noise... that of XM Entity Roland Jarvis. The same voice manifested later in Enoch Dalby'​s most recent piece of music, titled '​redemption.'​ 
 +The full body of his speech appeared on my computer earlier today. 
 +Here is the first half of his so-called '​Redemption'​ speech. 
 +I am curious to hear your thoughts. Is the speech one long false promise? Or a threat? Lynton-Wolfe would probably think so, being one of the only people to have been directly betrayed by the XM Entity. And what of the Resistance stance against these ideas? What can the Resistance ideals offer to counter such a grandiose calling as fulfilling the destiny of a species?
 \\  \\ 
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