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On #IngressReport #33:

+Devra Bogdanovich attempts to reason with CDC officials
v1.39.2 adds Inventory Count and the ability to view Jarvis Shards
Factions identify locations of the first 5 Jarvis Shards after capturing NOV 2 #13MAGNUS Anomaly Sites
Ken Owens interrogates +Susanna Moyer




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A series of leaked e-mails traversing across the globe from +Hulong Transglobal employee Antoine Smith to both a high-tech scanner device manufacturer and the disavowed Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe reveals the existence of a classified project, titled 'RedX.'

At this point in time, it's difficult to know exactly what RedX might be, although I welcome your speculation. What is clear to me from this leaked intelligence, however, is that if Mr. Lynton-Wolfe intends to obtain these prototype devices from the Fort-Worth manufacturing facility on the 16th of November, he may also attempt to engage with and exploit the #13MAGNUS Anomaly in neighboring Dallas that day. Agents on the ground there should keep an eye out for him. There's something else. Dr. Lynton-Wolfe is nothing if not a target. The presence of this intel means that those who have an interest in extracting revenge or preventing him from engaging in further research now have a time and a place.

Worrying, as is Lynton-Wolfe's exploitation of Smith's DarkXM affected state of decay.

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The story so far… (from +Devra Bogdanovich's perspective, that is).

Perhaps as an attempt to redeem herself in the eyes of many after the CDC video leaks last week, Dr. Bogdanovich today released a history of her role in an era that history has yet to judge: The age of XM.

She does a fairly good job of summarizing what's transpired in the Niantic Investigation so far, but of course, there are gaps. Some, perhaps as a result of the need for brevity, others possibly to keep her own sometimes questionable actions in the shadows. Read through her account. What has she failed to highlight overall, and where has she occluded her own complicity and responsibility in what's transpired?

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This is what the coffee breaks at the #NianticProject must have sounded like.

A fascinating conversation unfolded on Google+ earlier today. The three scientists who were detained at the facility after the shutdown of the project began a fascinating conversation about Dark XM, Jarvis, the so-called Jarvis Shards and the Ancient Egyptians.

Overall, it's a fascinating read, and I'm disappointed that they took their conversation offline as abruptly as it began and unfolded. I'll keep an ear to ground to see if any of the number of Intelligence Agencies running amok in the world of Ingress caught the rest. If so, I'll let you know.

What's most interesting to me is the idea that each Shard may contain only a fragment of the Jarvis entity. Combine this with +Devra Bogdanovich's admission yesterday about only a 'viable' number of shards being needed to re-integrate the Jarvis entity, and some interesting possibilities begin to emerge. Would it be possible, for example, for a Shard carrying the Entity's Awareness to be left out? Or his Creativity? I look forward to your contributions as we parse this meaty and fascinating exchange.

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After working on the track for nearly a year, enoch dalby has released the piece of music he began to discover on the night of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe's failed Powercube experiment at the Niantic Project Facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

On that night, Exotic Matter flooded the lab, causing each of the researchers' full creative and intellectual potential to be unlocked. The visions and ideas that emerged that night have fueled the development of the world of Ingress.

During the chaos of the XM overload, Devra Bogdanovich, disheartened by the Project's blatant disregard for public safety, fled into the night with Enlightened sculptor Roland Jarvis. Assisted by ADA, the project's sentient Artificial Intelligence, she escaped into Europe to seek an XM lab without the overbearing control of the NIA. Roland Jarvis traveled separately to Zurich, and met his bloody fate at the hands of NIA Agents.

What's interesting to me, is that I always imagined Epiphany Night would be a lyrical, magical, poetic piece of music. It turns out it's at times claustrophobic, dark and imposing. The visuals enoch has chosen to pair with the music seems significant as well, beginning with the moment of the Hypercube XM release, and ending with Jarvis's death. Listening to the music and watching the video he's prepared, I am led to speculate regarding the man's factional alliance. Is he mourning Jarvis, or the XM?

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Roland Jarvis speaks again.

Unconfirmed rumors were circulating yesterday that Roland Jarvis had co-opted Lynton-Wolfe's prototype RedX devices, bringing forth a message about the role of the Portals in mankind fulfilling their destiny in the universe.

I haven't been able to collect the recordings of this message in entirety yet, reports indicate that following the release of the messages, some of the RedX devices began to experience some kind of technical disruption.

What is interesting, though, is that pieces of this same message seemed to have found their way into +enoch dalby's latest work.

Last time we spoke of dalby, I questioned what his Factional allegiance may be. If one were to take this most recent track at face value, one might guess he has adopted the path of the Enlightened, but I sense there's more at play here.

A short and cryptic message envelopes this new piece of music: “i know you are in there. i will find you.' Is dalby referring to Jarvis, +Carrie Campbell, or someone else entirely? Why would dalby, who was so devastated by the death of Carrie (a staunch member of the Resistance) turn so readily to the path laid out by Jarvis? Has he opened his artistic channel to the XM entity in exchange for something? And what of the message itself. What are your thoughts on the new words of wisdom from the paragon of the Enlightened?

In addition to releasing the music, Dalby has released isolated instrument tracks for each of his pieces so far on his Soundcloud account at , and has invited all members of the Ingress community to join him in celebrating the creative power of the Portals by remixing the music and sharing the new creations online with the tag #TuneIngress . I'm fascinated to see what other Investigators and XM Explorers will bring to the table.

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Yesterday, +enoch dalby revealed new music. Floating between the sounds was the voice of none other than Roland Jarvis.

Rumor has it, the XM Entity had broadcast this new, extended message on the Portals and our destiny by compromising Lynton-Wolfe's RedX devices, although it seems that the presence of his voice in enoch's music may be just as much the work of Jarvis as dalby himself.

This intercepted phone call, captured possibly moments after the release of the music last night, reveals that both Misty and enoch are, in their own ways, attempting to reach into the ether behind the portals and connect with the deceased, brilliant researcher, +Carrie Campbell.

+Misty Hannah warns Enoch to turn away from the voices and images he is seeing in his creative pursuits. She warns that at the end, she sees an inferno. What's your interpretation of what's going on here? Is Carrie reaching out to them through the void? Or is Misty and enoch who are doing the reaching, grasping at something they think is Carrie, but might be something else altogether…


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+Stein Lightman brings the meaning of another Glyph forward thanks to +enoch dalby's most recent piece of music.

Seeing the interplay of these Sensitives got me thinking…

Early in the Niantic Investigation, the key Sensitives worked within the envelope of the NIA's Niantic Project in Geneva, Switzerland. Collectively, they unlocked both the technological capacity of Exotic Matter, as well as many of its other more qualitative aspects, +Carrie Campbell's visions of symbols and meanings, +enoch dalby's music, +Misty Hannah's 'sometimes not an act' visions and +Hank Johnson's dowsing-rod-like sense for ancient powerspots.

Then, the Project fragmented. The corporations, hungry to seek strategic advantage, took aboard the key scientific researchers, people like Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

It seems now that a new status quo needs to emerge (or, perhaps it has already?). How do the remaining scientific researchers who began their journey with the Niantic Project fit into these two new ecosystems: The technological, sponsored by the corporations and serving to enhance the Ingress Scanner Technology and forward the XM arms race, and the qualitative, slowly and surely unlocking the mysteries of the Ordered Data pattern, the mystery of the Shapers and the complex interaction of both of these with the human past, present and future. How do you see the remaining Niantic Researchers fulfilling roles in our path forward as these two ecosystems seem to emerge, or perhaps, is there a different status quo emerging altogether?

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Help us. Lead us. Improve us. Liberate us.

But who is us? And who is being asked?

Thanks to the fine speculation from members of the +Ingress Investigative Community, Dr. +Stein Lightman has revealed the translation of the Glyphs sequence from +enoch dalby's most recent piece of music.

The results are puzzling, and perhaps troubling.

Here are the questions, and I hope that our collective speculation might lead us closer to the an understanding of this message: Did enoch put the message in his music video himself, or did it appear there of its own accord? If enoch put it in there consciously, was he aware of what the message meant, or did the Glyphs simply pass through, using him as the channel. And finally, the big question: Who is the message from, and who is it to? With the voice of Roland Jarvis floating in the music, the obvious answer is easy… but there are other perspectives, and the implications are worth considering.

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On the run, off the grid or gone forever? Susanna Moyer is missing.

A compromised intelligence report from +Visur Technology suggests that the XM Corporation, and one must assume its competitors, have been keeping an eye on the enigmatic host of the Ingress Report.

Following a series of unauthorized injections into the Report's broadcast, the revelations emerged that Susanna Moyer had at one point been involved with the NIA. It's unclear as of now whether she remains under their control or if she went rogue when she created the Ingress Report.

What's clear is that she is a target, and now, it seems, a moving one.

Unable to contact Moyer, I reached out to one of her associates. I asked if they were OK, if the information was true, and whether they would be able to continue to produce the #IngressReport if the team had been forced to disappear into the shadows. The connection was terminated almost immediately, save for one brief reply: “Nothing can stop us.”

The question we must now ask is: Has Susanna gone rogue, or has she been a rogue operator since the beginning? Why has she gone missing, and if she didn't go underground of her own volition, what has happened to her? Her associate promises that they can not be stopped. I'm certain the truth of that statement will emerge tomorrow, when, and if, the Ingress Report emerges for its weekly broadcast.


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This week on the #IngressReport :

. The Jarvis Shards accelerate towards Reckoning Day . Key strategic plans to unite Jarvis Shards revealed . A deeper look at the #UNIGHT8 and #LIGHTHOUSE Operations . New music from enoch dalby contains voice of Jarvis . Portal of the week: The Phoenix



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The trail leads into the past, to Rome, to the heart of the Anomaly.

A compromised NIA transcript of a conversation between +Devra Bogdanovich, formerly of +Visur Technology and most recently seen attempting to convince the Centers for Disease Control to develop an anti-XM vaccine, and Ezekiel Calvin, current head of +IQTech Research, sheds light on their tense relationship (a byproduct of the betrayal and intrigue in the aftermath of Devra's escape from the Niantic Project facility) and +Hank Johnson's role in what's to come.

A recent update from Mr. Johnson revealed that he continues to dig deeper into the #13MAGNUS mystery, and believes that one of the threads he must follow lies in Phoenix, another potentially massive Anomaly site.

After yesterday's revelations, we now know that Susanna Moyer may have had a hand in arranging Oliver Lynton-Wolfe's transport to Buenos Aires.

As Reckoning Day approaches, the chessboard is slowly arranging itself for the two final conflicts.

Here are the questions at the fore of my mind, in light of all this: Why is Moyer taking a side in the Lynton-Wolfe/Jarvis conflict? Have we heard of the Peshawar Anomaly before? What might it be? If Calvin backs an attempt to build an anti-XM vaccine, what might that mean for the XM Corporation, for Devra's aspirations, and for the relationship between these two influential power-brokers in the world of +Ingress.

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