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Sphere of Weirdness (11/2012)

What is the Niantic Project?


You found my site.
For now, call me P.A. Chapeau.
Don't bother looking for me, I won't be found.
If it isn't obvious to you, that's not my real name.

Someone wants this story out there...


Not sure how these are connected, yet. But I am sure that we aren't supposed to know about this.
You got ideas?
#nianticproject on Twitter, or hit me up on Google+ or Facebook.

Who is sending me all this, and why?


I have to be careful, here.
More info today, on someone named ADA.
One question, 'Who is Ada?'

Not seeing the connections... Yet.


Have we tumbled down the Rabbithole?
If so, where is it taking us?
And, most importantly, will we be able to get back out again?

Too unique to be a coincidence


Every day, I get bits and pieces.
New information from an undisclosed source.
Someone wants this story out there.
The question is “who”? And “why”?
Or is it better not to ask?

Who is ADA?


The phone and now this?
We hear the name Devra twice, Devra with a V.
Devra is a unique name, her eyes look full of… resolve.
Where is she? Why did her phone go missing?
Hidden Data
After some scrolling following text is found:
Nds Srkfw Scwunarml olse r lwlnsg ib uaxnikarf daskicfwudaxl rl r qkannsm frmcorcs. Nkreanaimrf

ndamvamc hsfaszsl frmcorcs qrl hrlaxrffw poln rm amzsmnikw lwlnsg ik r ksxaus lwlnsg. Hon A lss ligsndamc eabbsksmn. Bik amlnrmxs, ims ib nds bakln nrhfsnl ksrel 'Giomnraml ib Facdn' rme A xrmmin kslaln xigurkamc ndrn ni iok gieskm ximxsun ib 'Nds Smfacdnsmse.' Grwhs an al r xiamxaesmxs, hon dimslnfw, A rg min amxfamse ni hsfaszs am nds syalnsmxs ib nkos xiamxaesmxs. Xiamxaesmxs al favs r lnsq, qs vmiq nds bfrzik, qs poln ei min vmiq nds amckseasmnl.

After decoding the character substitution cipher:

The Early Egyptians used a system of pictorial hieroglyphics as a written language. Traditional thinking believes language was basically just an inventory system or a recipe system. But I see something different. For instance, one of the first tablets reads 'Mountains of Light' and I cannot resist comparing that to our modern concept of 'The Enlightened.' Maybe it is a coincidence, but honestly, I am not inclined to believe in the existence of true coincidence. Coincidence is like a stew, we know the flavor, we just do not know the ingredients.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The latin phrase Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? can be translated to “Who watches the watchmen?”

What is that old question:
“Who watches the watchers?”
The answer is… me. And now you.
The links to the right empower you to speak.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?


Today's advice - if they call, don't pick up.
If a mysterious chip with Niantic on it falls into your hands, leave it outside the door and see who picks it up.
Hidden Data
If you look at the background image alone you will see that there is a long list of A's and B's on the right. This is a binary conversion using A=0 and B=1 that gives you a long string of numbers which can be broken up as pairs - 36 38 37 34 37 34 37 30 33 61 32 66 32 66 36 37 36 66 36 66 32 65 36 37 36 63 32 66 34 63 35 31 35 38 33 30 35 61 This converts from hex to a text string - 687474703a2f2f676f6f2e676c2f4c5158305a which finally converts from hex to another string -

A Trip to spooky land...


“The shapes are sometimes strange”
“A few of them exhibit properties that are as yet, unexplained.”
One thing is for certain, I'm pretty sure we aren't in Kansas anymore…

Exits and Entrances


I have a feeling we just hit the motherlode.
I'm guessing this is a Niantic Project entrance interview…
I'm curious to hear what the exit interview sounds like.

Search for the common thread...


I finally put together the relevant elements for Comic-con.
Sorry it took so long.
This just gets more and more interesting
Paul Dini and Buzz Dixon are really legit comic book guys…
Hidden Data
The background Thought of the Day was changed to this image.

Original Link


Exif data contained some information:

mV x yz z kgtkkxekkgua Uj usx g c g uro.ybzus ux IkulK. xn lyu gkgxtsygyyonvk kxvzntsl t oxx tYttoo kU.k ozn tutxozZ.vugaiz ezgko uynkxlzRurgos dzikkyky yxnziya s rxzuzgnn oz’a mrtzk .ngnk ydgonxiyxyokcujmzyxnkkIzv.kKr k.ygTz juau prsx zzugv mkkkqzzo ngaua ytxzgxiyynztug nc.u gkhok zz ozo zuz kY.gkbx oo nszur ym oz.lrTzkkvxIixttgYtrxdxc tkg tntvomook vU.k noi ozn.yxvckbjy kcznkzxnt O. . oog.btSzvxb rihgg novumxj st y gkqykzkz onknkq .xzkggkzxkTe

And in the title:


When Caesar shifted -6, it becomes:

gP r st t eaneeryeeaou Od omr a w a oli.svtom or CeofE. rh fso aearnmsassihpe erpthnmf n irr nSnnii eO.e ith nonritT.poauct ytaei osherftLolaim xtceeses srhtcsu m lrtotahh it'u glnte .hahe sxaihrcsrsiewodgtsrheeCtp.eEl e.saNt douo jlmr ttoap geeektti hauou snrtarcsshtnoa hw.o aebie tt iti tot eS.aevr ii hmtol sg it.flNteeprCcrnnaSnlrxrw nea nhnpigiie pO.e hic ith.srpwevds ewthetrhn I. . iia.vnMtprv Aeg.lo lcbaa hipogrd mn s aeksetet ihehek .rteaaetreNy

When put through a rail decoder with 6 rails and an offset of 10:

goL tcejorP llebpmaC eirraC morf tcartxE .ton nac srepahS eht sgnileef sserpxe ot skrowtra eht gnitaerc era snamuh dna snamuh no seslupmi rieht gnisopretni era yeht spahrep rO .citehtsea s'namuh eht fo gnikcolnu na si ti rehtehw rO …tsoh dna repahS neewteb noisiv dexim a si ti rehtehw rO .citehtsea rieht si ti rehtehw wonk ton od I .egnartS …si tra riehT .evitarepooC .evitalupinaM .citehtapmE .yltrevo tsael tA .evissergga toN .elitsoh toN .demrof ylluf toN

Reversed, it becomes:

Not fully formed. Not hostile. Not aggressive. At least overtly. Empathetic. Manipulative. Cooperative. Their art is… Strange. I do not know whether it is their aesthetic. Or whether it is a mixed vision between Shaper and host… Or whether it is an unlocking of the human's aesthetic. Or perhaps they are interposing their impulses on humans and humans are creating the artworks to express feelings the Shapers can not. Extract from Carrie Campbell Project Log

A flow of information


This must have come from a very deep cover source.
It's the NIA agent in charge of the Niantic Project, talking to his NIA boss, Yuen Ni.
We'll find out soon enough if this itself is barium….

Roland Jarvis; Sculptor? Madman?


Somebody dropped these two in together.
One is the creepy Dr. Hollis talking about a patient…
The other a sculptor named Jarvis talking about his creativity.

Hidden Info
on the link from the board the short passcode jarvis41t can be seen

A Detection Algorithm


So now we know who (or should I say what?) ADA is…
I had my suspicions, but I'm not sure this was what I expected.
What could 'relatability programming' possibly mean?

Niantic: A gathering of scientists and artists... But why?


Exotic Matter
and Madness
What does it all add up to?

What lies at the heart of the Niantic project?


I'm guessing Kureze is a pretty highly ranked scientist on the Niantic project. Pretty heady stuff.
As far as the leaked Ingress tech goes. I haven't picked a side yet… I'm a paranoid guy….
But do me a favor while you are out there: If you find an interesting portal, experience any strange effects or have an epiphany about The Enlightenment, The Resistance, or why Jarvis is talking through the app…
Share this info on social so we can start to get a better understanding of what's happening.
I'll be watching.
Hidden Info
Highlight the empty space below PAC's signature to find the code: kureze33d.

Where do ideas come from?


I finished cutting together my Niantic Investigation of Comic-con, but that's not really the most interesting news today.
On Google+, at +Brandon Badger's page, people are pouring their creativity out in rivers, trading acts of art for access to the leaked Ingress technology.
Not long ago, an artist named Tycho was also being compelled to share his visions and creativity with the world, in fact that's what started this whole investigation….
It makes me wonder, who is the next Tycho, and where will he or she emerge from?

Quantum-nano engineering: The next big thing?


Today I received an email that seems to me was written some months ago, although the dates have been redacted.
One of more interesting lines: “The XM is also engineering itself.”
I continue to be intrigued by the outpouring of creativity that these last few days have brought forth.
Is creativity and genius intrinsic to us as humans, or does the XM enable it? If it's the XM, are there side effects?
These are difficult question, and they have divided people into factions.

What is a sensitive? Am I a sensitive? Are you?


What do we know so far? Niantic is recruiting specific types of individuals
What is a sensitive? Am I a sensitive? Are you?
Can we become sensitives, or are we born that way?

Abductions, Quantum phusics, Niantic


So at this point, some of you have been out in the field with the leaked Ingress tech. Did you feel anything strange while you were out there? Anything to support the strange reports we've been assembling here?
Someone sent this news article my way. Confirms something we already knew: The NIA and Niantic are not above making people like you and I disappear at the drop of a hat.
What makes this especially scary, is the ease with which the whole situation got covered right up.

What the hell is Exotic Matter?


It seems there are many theories about the exact nature of XM (Exotic Matter), where it comes from and what it has to do with us.
It seems there are many theories about the exact nature of XM (Exotic Matter), where it comes from and what it has to do with us.
It looks like +Brandon Badger has expanded beyond just art. He is now soliciting field reports from agents currently using the leaked Ingress technology.

Shapers: Hiding messages in Music?


A Musical sensitive... Maybe it is a universal language.
The celebration of art in the wake of the Ingress tech leak has expanded from +Brandon Badger's page to the Facebook Ingress page, where they are continuing to exchange creativity for access…
Some of the field reports coming in at +Brandon Badger's page are quite compelling, and worth a read.

Who has the deepest pockets?


This one's got it all. Abductions, Quantum Physics and Niantic.
TI made this video to cover what's been happening in the Sphere of Weirdness and help those new to the investigation catch up.

I've got a bad feeling about this...


Received this email from my anonymous source today, reads like something fairly recent.
One of the more interesting lines is about 3 emails into the chain… something about a control case for an expected XM event.

Throwing Caution To The Wind


An agent retrieved this file from the field and put it up online… a good find.
Based on this and some previous items, I'm guessing that Lynton-Wolfe is the Niantic Project's experimental physicist and XM engineer.
And it sounds like he's cooking up something big.

Are we being had!??


I received this calibration video today.
The man is a skeptic, and I for one can respect that.
What are your thoughts? Shapers, exotic matter portals, it's all starting to feel a bit far-fetched, and yet the field reports and art coming in at +Brandon Badger's page do indicate that something real is happening out there
Hidden Data


Have they opened Pandora's box?


“The resounding note in a musical

instrument, the rejoicing in the heart, the kindling of strife, the plundering of cities, the setting up of lamentation, fear, pity, terror.

All this is civilization. All this

I give you and you must take it with no argument and once taken you can never give it back.”

Epic of Gilgamesh

1800 BCE


Why did they silence Tycho?


Today we hear from someone near the center of this conspiracy.

They've always been with us, he says….


Great Wide World of Quantum Mechanics


This image, discovered by an agent in the field, carries the name 'Enlightenment.'

Frenetic. Chaotic. Is this what enlightenment looks like? I feel like I'm startng into the sun…

Hidden Info
On the source code you can find 8Vo\o\oN\8\oV8\o\8N8\oN\8ooVoVo\oNo\88V8VoNo\o\8V8VoNo\o\

This is a visual code where things can be turned into 0s or 1s depending on their look
8 = 00 (an 8 is 2 zeros on top of each other)
o = 0
\ = 1
V = 11 (a V is two 1s stuck together)
N = 111 (same as above but with three 1s)
So in the end you end up with 001101010111100101100101001110010111100001101101011101000011001101110101
Making the proper divisons we get 00110101 01111001 01100101 00111001 01111000 01101101 01110100 00110011 01110101 00110011 01110101
Converting it from binary to ASCII we obtain a new passcode - 5ye9xmt3u3u.

Epiphany Coming?


30 days in, and as Jarvis mentioned in an asset discovered yesterday, “we are barely scratching the surface.”
Just remember: Something is very wrong and it's all around us. And you and I, we are together in the struggle to bring it to the surface.

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