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 ===== October 20 2014 ===== ===== October 20 2014 =====
 **[[investigation:​timeline:​10_2014#​October 20 2014| Posted October 20, 2014]]**\\ **[[investigation:​timeline:​10_2014#​October 20 2014| Posted October 20, 2014]]**\\
-[[link|original link]] \\+[[https://​​105211554081025512763/​posts/​2Fs3DUQTXna|original link]] \\
-text+Who is conspiring to help +Hank Johnson stay one step ahead of his pursuers? As information leaks, on a day to day basis, Hank's reminder is an important one.
-[[wikilink|Name]]+As investigators,​ we must not only take into account the content of any leaks, but what motive must have spurred the release of the information in the first place. Who did it intend to help, who did it intend to hurt. 
 +Failing to do so, we allow ourselves to become pawns in someone else's game of chess. 
 +[[http://​​investigation:​characters:​henry_johnson:​g:​oct_20_2014|Hank's G+ post]]
 ---- ----
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