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What is the Niantic Project (10/2013)


This was the day PAC left updating the board and went off the grid.

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Some weeks ago, I was given some advice by +Misty Hannah.

With the loss of +Carrie Campbell, +Klue S. in an unknown condition, and the growing threat of the unknown with #13MAGNUS , I have decided today to take that advice to heart.

I’ll be leaving this Investigation behind and going off the grid for a while. How long? Not sure. Until I find what I’m looking for, I guess, is the right answer to that question.

Although I no longer plan to update the Investigation Board at, I have made arrangements with a trusted ally to continue to share any evidence related to the Investigation here on Google+ as well as on Facebook. I plan to write some good old fashioned letters (using pen and paper) while I’m off the grid. I’ve made arrangements for them to be scanned and posted here as well.

This Investigation must continue, and I hope that it continues to grow in strength despite my absence.

Until we meet again.

+H. Richard Loeb aka P.A. Chapeau October 1, 2013

After the board only had this message posted there

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This Investigation Board contains the evidence of a conspiracy so vast it cannot be contained by this dimension.

We are under attack. We are at the brink of being shaped into a new species. We are wrapped in symbiotic harmony with another intelligence, somewhere, that enhances our minds when we visit The Portals.

Any or All of these statements may be true.

To those who discover this website, dive deeper. The Investigations List will lead you to the truth.

Once your eyes are open, join us at +NianticProject where the investigation continues, growing in strength and scale each passing day.

Be warned. The safety of ignorance, once shed, can never be found again.

Henry Richard Loeb aka P. A. Chapeau


From this day the posts in G+ were made by someone that would just sign as X

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Hello Truthseekers.

I have large shoes to fill. I hope to be able to do so in the days to come.

This classified document was contained within +H. Richard Loeb's archives. He did not reveal it at the time, it is not clear why the document was withheld.

I will continue to post new information to fuel this Investigation as I obtain it. Your support in deciphering, cataloging and analyzing this flow of information will be invaluable.

Those who contribute to the discussion of this document will be rewarded with a passcode from Loeb's collection, which I am now in possession of.

Of particular interest to me is what may have been contained in the sections that have been heavily redacted. This information may be vital to understanding ADA's history, purpose, her strengths and weaknesses and potential threats both from and against her.

I hope, in time, we will get to know each other much better.



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On the #IngressReport today:

- Agents crack injected code to reveal #13MAGNUS Dates and Cities - More #13MAGNUS sites expected to be revealed, anomaly may dwarf #Cassandra - Origins of #13MAGNUS ancient? A millenia old secret society? - P.A.C. leaves Niantic Investigation, goes off the grid - Sitrep: Operation Sloppy Smurf - Saskatchewan, Canada - Portal of the Week, Faena - Italy - Share stories of how your were mentored, or how you help mentor new agents with #IngressMentors



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This is one of the two remaining images left in +H. Richard Loeb's collection of Tycho comic pages that he intended to share with you.

Looking at it, I'm struck by something that I'm surprised has not been discussed before: Artistic license, Tycho's process and the mechanism by which he is able to see into the present from different moments in time.

It seems to me unlikely that the image below represents a completely factual account of Roland Jarvis and Devra Bogdanovich's Niantic escape. Far more likely, Tycho's process opened for him a window into this moment in time fueled and colored by their emotions as they fled and were chased from the Niantic Facility by NIA guards.

What is your opinion on this matter? Are sensitive artists like Tycho and +Felicia Hajra-Lee able to pull the data about their visions cleanly, or is there a layer of emotional and artistic distortion in the middle? If there is, what is your opinion of what actually happened? Does the effect of Exotic Matter have an emotional component, or is its impact purely intellectual?

I just sent out my first batch of passcodes to those who contributed to the document I shared on Wedenesday, and will continue to share a passcode with those who bring good ideas and thoughts to our discussions.

Until tomorrow.



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Two figures approach in the dark. Gunshots ring out.

Somewhere in the distance, a panicked witness was calling the local police. Later, her story would be suppressed, and the incident would be swept under the rug as a hoax.

The story ends here, with this final page from the second Tycho comic. Or does it.

We all know what came after: Roland Jarvis appeared reborn at the Cupid's Span in San Francisco; +Devra Bogdanovich roamed Europe attempting to find her footing, ending up finally with Ilya Pevtsov and +Visur Technology.

For our discussion today, I want to propose something that may in fact belong in the tin foil hat category, but it's worth thinking through. When ADA enabled, perhaps even encouraged, Jarvis and Devra's escape from the Niantic Facility, just how wide was her planning window? Had she anticipated the rebirth of Jarvis as an XM entity? Had she predicted that Devra's most likely partner in Europe was Visur? Or was she simply spinning dice, injecting chaos into the system as some kind of a test? Even when we recently discovered the +Klue S. Glyph-sequence video, the default interpretation was one of an almost Machiavellian level of planning on ADA's behalf, but what if it's something entirely different? What value might the purely chaotic flow of events have to a sentient algorithm?

I will continue to reward a passcode to those who enhance our discussion with relevant information and meaningful comments.



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+Hulong Transglobal's new company motto: Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Having effectively declared war on Ezekiel Calvin's +IQTech Research by spiriting away the unstable but brilliant Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Hulong's Psychiatric Evaluation team has recommended that the company NOT proceed with allowing him access to their Bangkok facilities.

The document identifies Oliver Lynton-Wolfe as 'functionally resistance,' driven by his hatred towards Roland Jarvis, most likely an artifact of their falling out after #Cassandra. If the Tycho vision of the confrontation in front of the Jürgen Weber statue in Washington D.C. from some weeks ago is to be taken literally, Jarvis may in fact have attempted to kill Lynton-Wolfe with a forceful strike of weaponized Exotic Matter. If taken metaphorically, perhaps Jarvis attempted to get inside his head using XM as a medium.

In either case, Hulong's in a quandary. What do you think their play is now? Do they roll the dice with Lynton-Wolfe and ally themselves squarely against an increasingly powerful Roland Jarvis? Do they dump Lynton-Wolfe and lose a chance to gain the lead in the XM arms race? And remember… According to the emails, IQTech continues to spin the wheels, attempting to neutralize Lynton-Wolfe, and if the stationary is anything to go by, +Visur Technology is lurking in the shadows, watching their adversaries' every move…

A passcode will be awarded to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful observations and analysis.



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Yesterday, we speculated on +Hulong Transglobal's predicament. Today, another leaked +Visur Technology document reveals the wheels turning within the Asian XM giant.

Director Catherine Fan's battle call, it seems, is to back Lynton-Wolfe, going so far as to leverage him as a weapon to 'keep Jarvis in check.'

Two interesting things come to light: First, Catherine Fan mentions that Hulong and Jarvis have an 'agreement.' This is the first we've heard of this, and it's surprising. What might the terms of that agreement be? Could it have something to do with Hulong's development of the Jarvis Virus weapon? Is it possible that the XM entity has been communicating with the other corporations as well? The second observation emerges from Antoine Smith: Chaotic Syndrome. I have no idea what this might be, but it's clear that exposure to Dark XM is not without consequence. Any additional observations you could add to the discussion would be valuable.

A passcode will be rewarded to those whose contributions enrich our conversation today.



OCTOBER 12, 2013 Los Angeles, CA - San Jose, CA - Bangkok, Thailand -

OCTOBER 26, 2013 Seattle, WA - Kiev, Ukraine -

NOVEMBER 2, 2013 Atlanta, GA - Madrid, Spain - Mumbai, India -

NOVEMBER 16, 2013 Dallas, TX - Vienna, Austria -

DECEMBER 7, 2013 Phoenix, AZ - Rome, Italy -

DECEMBER 14, 2013 San Francisco, CA - Buenos Aires, Argentina -


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ADA emerges, with her agenda in tow, as per usual.

Perhaps as a result of the information we've learned over the last few days about Lynton-Wolfe's work at Hulong, an NIA document I received today reveals that ADA is trying to get +Hank Johnson and +Devra Bogdanovich to assist in the recovery of a document currently housed in offline storage in Santa Monica, CA.

It seems that Hank Johnson and Devra Bogdanovich will join the agents on the ground on October 12th for the Los Angeles vector of the #13MAGNUS Anomaly.

As far as I can recall, ADA has never previously called XM 'a threat to humanity,' and I'm finding this new information interesting. Has ADA's perspective shifted, or are we glimpsing deeper into her core 'values' than we have previously? And then there's the larger question… Is she right? Leave the factional debate aside, if you will, and ask yourself the question…

A one-time-use passcode for those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.



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Mr. Lovecraft, are you there? This internal interview transcript from +Hulong Transglobal is chilling.

In it, Antoine Smith describes to Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe the symptoms of his exposure to Dark XM/Chaotic Matter. They are unsettling, to say the least.

Also worth noting is his evaluation of his psychological state. He feels like he is 'evolving.'

What might an insane genius like Oliver Lynton-Wolfe concoct with unfettered access to HTG's reserves of this powerful material? Could any technology constructed from this matter be used for good, or have Hulong truly embarked on a path of destructive force. Or are we jumping to conclusions, could Smith's sense of 'evolution' be something positive?

Something to keep in mind… If +Hank Johnson's hypotheses are true, the Portals, (and thus XM) may have been with us since the dawn of Civilization… Chaotic Matter, on the other hand, seems to only exist in certain specific places.

A passcode for those who enrich our conversation with meaningful thoughts, references or speculation.



OCTOBER 12, 2013 Los Angeles, CA - San Jose, CA - Bangkok, Thailand -

OCTOBER 26, 2013 Seattle, WA - Kiev, Ukraine -

NOVEMBER 2, 2013 Atlanta, GA - Madrid, Spain - Mumbai, India -

NOVEMBER 16, 2013 Dallas, TX - Vienna, Austria -

DECEMBER 7, 2013 Phoenix, AZ - Rome, Italy -

DECEMBER 14, 2013 San Francisco, CA - Buenos Aires, Argentina -


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On #IngressReport #29:

Operation Dynamo: Agents connect 3 Highest mountains in UK. World braces as Operation #13MAGNUS approaches. Key Figures expected at Anomalies Ingress Report headed to Los Angeles Portal of the Week: Tucson, Arizona. Tech News: Scanner Client 1.37.2 Detailed.






















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