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Teeth of the Hydra (09/2013)

Past, Present and Future



A commentator a few days ago raised the idea that when someone like Tycho's vision is enhanced by Exotic Matter, they not only see the future, but they see the right future from among the myriad possibilities.

It led me back to my concern for Carrie, who may have sacrificed herself trying desperately to create a future for us where the civilization you and I thrive in could be given permission to continue to grow.

With no word from Carrie, and no new information except what appears to have been the possible suicide of a female covered in ink, if Carrie did indeed manage to find the truth she was seeking, we may never get it from her first hand.

We may have to rely on those who can see visions of distant places and times, people like Tycho, to open a window for us into that moment.

It remains to be seen if that future will snap into existence.

The thought of the destruct code and the answer code let me to wonder about the function of the Glyphs. I am interested to learn what you may have uncovered from your experience with them, and your work in the field with the Ingress Scanner Technology. What are the functions of Glyphs and how do they work in relation to XM? Why might the Shapers fear the human use of Glyphs so much so that shortly after our discovery of them, a self-destruct code emerged from the Portals…

A passcode, as always, for those who share meaningfully in our discussion.




I had a camera person with me in Chicago during Operation #Cassandra, there to document the activities of Agents and Investigators on the ground during the Anomaly.

Just before I left the city, I tried to make contact with Carrie. We met, briefly. She was troubled, not communicating clearly and left suddenly in a panic brought on by something she saw in her mind alone.

When we returned from Chicago, we attempted to view the material we had gathered, and for the most part they were fine. The images of Carrie that I shared with you a few days ago had minor damage, what appeared to be Glyphs erupting into the frame. The video was much more severely distorted, and a portion of it was lost.

After days working with the memory card, my friend was able to recover what you see here today. If the worst has happened, these may be the final moments anyone saw Carrie Campbell alive.

She repeatedly mentions something called a 'Sound Glyph,' and that hearing it makes people 'change.' I don't have full clarity on what she meant, it could mean the Cassandra Signal that emerged from the Portal, or it could be something else entirely. It does make sense that if a Visual Glyph can bypass our linguistic circuits and interact with the mind directly, an Auditory Glyph would be able to do the same.

I asked yesterday about the value the Glyphs might have, and why they may represent a threat. Today I am interested in how they may have been a part of our history across time. A Viking Runestone, for example, was discovered near the site of Operation #Minotaur in Minnesota. Although its authenticity is debated, the similarity between the runes and certain known Glyphs is remarkable. The same could be said for Hieroglyphs. Although our knowledge of the Shaper Glyphs is limited, where in history and modern times can we find them mutated and present in our everyday systems of signs and language? And what does this mean?

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully in our discussion.


The Stage


It's been a while since we heard from Ken Owen.

From the NIA, working under then director Yuen Ni on the ill-fated Niantic Project, to Hazdata after the Niantic Takeover, and then back to the NIA after their work was done, his ability to remain employed no matter who's in charge is probably a testament to his mastery of spin.

It's not the first time we've heard this conversation. Last time, Owen was singing praise for his 'hide in the spotlight' strategy. As far as I can see, it's worked. While the mainstream media has occasionally chanced upon the Ingress Scanner Technology, the fact of the transdimensional Shaper Ingress has remained something confined to hushed conversation and what they colloquially refer to as the Fringe Media, folks like myself and Susanna Moyer.

The real meat of this transcript, though, lay on its perimeter: Jay Phillips' vehement denial of any NIA association with Susanna Moyer, and Owen's mention of plans to disrupt the Ingress Report's credibility. The louder they deny things, the more I grow suspect. It leads to an interesting series of questions… Who has means, motive and opportunity to disrupt and inject messages into the Ingress Report? I'm looking to build a list of plausible suspects so we can investigate further.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute thoughtfully to our discussion today.


The Great Divide


A knock at the door, I waited inside until whoever was knocking had left. I wasn't expecting a visitor.

At the door, lay a long cardboard tube. Inside, this: A new poster, signed by Tycho.

If you'll recall, the last series of Tycho posters were revelatory, predicting with tremendous accuracy events that at the time were months in the future. This time, it's possible that the moment being captured has already happened, but Tycho retains his signature insight into the compelling details of the vision.

The man in the foreground, if my guess is correct, is Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. Last time we saw him, he mentioned that he needed to go 'make his apologies'. I wonder if this is what that meant.

I am also fascinated by the dialogue on the poster. Previously we encountered cryptic phrases that at the time meant nothing. This time, it seems Tycho is drawing more from his Comic Book skillset. My question for you all today is, what do we make of this? Is it possible that this indicates that Dr. Lynton-Wolfe (if that is even him) has decided to change allegiances and now represents the Resistance and threatens Jarvis? Or is this a hint of a divide within the Enlightened….

As always, a passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.




With the threats experienced during the past few weeks seeming to have abated, Susanna Moyer returns this week with an in depth report of the aftermath of Operation #Cassandra, comprising field research and interviews.

On the Ingress Report this week:

Susanna responds to the interruption of last week's episode. Carrie Campbell Search status update. Sitrep: Operation Ply By Night establish 100 R Fields. The United Enlightened Front engage a local reporter. Resistance Agents launch Operation Cime Tempestose Tech News: Scanner Update 1.35.0


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The Middle Road


When I received this poster, again signed by Tycho, I rushed back to Chicago. Hoping, I think, to prove him wrong.

I regret to inform you that I have identified the body of Carrie Campbell at a Chicago Morgue.

The Tycho image clearly showed part of a note written by Carrie, but when I asked the Detectives about it they were not forthcoming. I didn't show them the fragment from the Poster. They were visibly uncomfortable with my presence, and I'm fairly certain that operatives from an unknown organization had us under surveillance. It was a great risk going into a situation like that, for all I knew it could have been an NIA trap, but I had to do it.

As I was leaving, a figure emerged briefly from the shadows and bumped into me. I didn't pay much attention at the time, but later, I found a small folded up note in my pocket. Hurriedly scrawled upon it, I found this message, which I believe to be Carrie's final words:

Roland Jarvis deceived us at Cassandra. He unleashed the Civilization Self Destruct code. There is only one way to stop it. Do not misunderstand. This is not suicide, it is sacrifice. One life for a Civilization. Carrie.

While I feared this would be the outcome of Carrie's disappearance, I am saddened to have to verify it. I have lost a friend we all have lost an extraordinary investigator and mind.

Today, we must mourn and ask ourselves: Will this sacrifice be enough? The brash invasion of yesterday's Ingress Report by Jarvis is a sharp reminder of how greatly his power and influence has grown during and as a result of #Cassandra. According to him, this sacrifice changes nothing. My questions to you is, then what will?

A passcode to those who contribute thoughtfully to our discussion, as always.


A Natural Home


If we accept that the Tycho vision from some days ago is accurate, that the father of the Ingress Scanner Technology and Jarvis have irreconcilable differences, then Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is truly a man with no home.

He burned his bridge with IQTech Research and Ezekiel Calvin after emptying their cache of XM constructs and sharing them with the Enlightened in Washington DC during that vector of the #Cassandra Anomaly. Although recent leaks have indicated Calvin wants OLW back in pocket, the desire may be less about rebuilding trust and friendship and more about damage control and keeping the competition in check.

After #Cassandra ended, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe, in a video message, called Jarvis a mere puppet, after which Tycho's vision entered and cemented our awareness of the divide between these two Enlightened paragons.

We now see Hulong Transglobal attempting to inject themselves into the situation.

What do you think Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's next move is? With so many bridges burned, and so much in question with regards to his psychological state, where might he turn next?

In other news, Carrie Campbell's death seems to have resonated widely, I found short messages in her memory on the Google+ pages of several other former Niantic Members and operators in the XM arena. If you spot any I might have missed, let me know, I'd like to make sure I collect them all.

A passcode as always to those who contribute thoughtfully to our discussion.


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The previous day has been an exception, with voices from across Factions, across Corporate rivalries, and from long periods of dormancy emerging to enter Carrie Campbell into memory.

It's a moment of calm, I think, in an otherwise divided and conflicted time. Tomorrow, we will remember our differences and the struggles will begin again. Today, we are united in the knowledge that a great mind, perhaps one of the greatest when it comes to her field, has left this plane.

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni - A Latin palindrome… We enter the circle at night and are consumed by fire. It's said to describe the behavior of moths. For some reason, I find it resonates more widely for me.

We are entering a new chapter of our world. One where those who guide us through the night do so at great risk to themselves. We will need to find in ourselves Carrie's courage and her remarkable intelligence to avoid being consumed by the fire as she was.

In this new chapter, I wish us all luck.

Carrie Campbell was a semiotician. Someone who at explored symbols, language and the mechanics of communication and the expression of ideas at the very deepest levels of perception. If we are to continue to explore the Shaper Glyphs and build our knowledge base in that area, who, if anyone at all, will pick up that torch and lead us deeper? That is my question for you today.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our conversation.




When Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Hank Johnson met in person in New York City during Operation #Cassandra, I took notice.

They had discussed meeting there for weeks leading up to the Anomaly, and the importance of the need for a face-to-face discussion was clear in their correspondence.

This video, or rather this portion of a video labeled '1 of 3,' arrived in my inbox earlier today. The sender, of course, was anonymous, but given the operator's voice that comes up occasionally, my guess is the video was captured by someone of Eastern European or Russian origin. Visur? Was Ilya Pevtsov having his own staff surveilled? Too soon to tell, of course, but the idea seems worth considering, if only briefly.

Of greater interest to me is Devra's confession… It seems from what we hear in this portion of the video that Devra may have compromised the ethical integrity that caused her to leave the Niantic Project in the first place, and that Visur is engaged in potentially criminal experimentation of high-dose XM on human subjects.

As an Ingress agent myself, I think about this subject often… Early during the Niantic Investigation, the topic of the ethicality of being exposed to XM without an understanding of its repercussions was the cause of much conflict, and even lies at the root of the Enlightened/Resistance Factional divide. What are your thoughts on this matter?

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute thoughtfully to our conversation.


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Bad Things


More revelations emerge as the second piece of Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Hank Johnson's surveilled New York meeting during Operation #Cassandra is leaked to me.

Not only was Devra experimenting with very high-dose XM on her test subjects, but she was sharing information with Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

All recent evidence seems to indicate that Dr. Lynton-Wolfe remains steady in his desire to expand his knowledge of XM and the Shapers, at any and all costs. Information like this in the hands of someone so reckless worries me deeply.

To top it all of, Devra mentions that some of her test subjects 'did bad things.' What has she done? This is beginning to sound less and less like the ethically uncertain Devra Bogdanovich who stole away under ADA's wing from the Niantic Facility in Geneva. Perhaps I am failing to give her the benefit of the doubt, I'll reserve judgement until things are clearer, but so far the evidence is quite damning.

Has anyone been able to gleam any information on the Russian/East European speaker in the video? In order to place this information in the right context, we need to analyze not just its content, but who leaked it and why.

Many of you shared my concerns yesterday about the ethical problems inherent in being exposed to XM as an Ingress agent. Some of you also pointed out that, if the Ancient Portal hypothesis is true, XM has always been a part of our natural environment, we are only now growing aware of it. If so, Devra's work has tread past this terrain, and into something much darker. I am increasingly having difficulty reconciling the Devra in this video with the person who I believed she was before. Has Devra been Shaped?

As always, a passcode to those who thoughtfully contribute to our discussion.




The final piece of Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Hank Johnson's New York meeting during Operation #Cassandra falls into place. I was hoping for answers, instead, I'm left overwhelmed by the staggering implications of what is said.

I continue to remain convinced that we must understand what the Eastern European (Russian?) Operator is saying if we are to frame this new information correctly, but even without that piece in place, if what Devra is saying is true, it changes our understanding of the Shapers, of XM and the Portals, and of our own actions as Ingress Agents tremendously. I will leave it to you all to reach the conclusions I have arrived at in our discussion today on your own terms.

A passcode to those who thoughtfully contribute to our discussion, as always.


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Back in the Saddle


After last week's broadcast was disrupted, most likely by the XM entity known as Jarvis, Susanna Moyer returns this week, hopefully with better security in place…

On the Ingress Report this week:

Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe disappears after the events of Operation #Cassandra. Concern for safety of Klue and ADA. Major operation in multiple Global hotspots. Sitrep: Operation Blue Pincushion in Tennessee. Breaking Tech News: New Agent Achievement System.


Hidden Info
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Dr. Stein Lightman has been busy, and has added a dozen previously unidentified or ambiguous Glyphs to the growing collection of peer-verified Glyphs on his Google+ page.

A number of questions come to mind as I gaze across this growing body of knowledge.

What are we going to do, now and in the future, as we continue to unlock the complexities of this language? What purpose does it serve? Why does this language exist in the form it exists, if it even can be called a language, and why do some of the Glyphs look the way they do? It's a topic filled with intricacies, and I'm fascinated by all the possible answers.

A passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion, as always.


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Another page from Tycho's second comic arrived today. These images seem to have a nostalgic component for me; not only do they transport me back to the early days of the Niantic Investigation, learning about ADA's involvement in Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis' ill fated escape attempt from the Niantic Facility in Geneva, but also to a simpler time.

Things were more easy to categorize back then, the Enlightened believed in Jarvis' vision of progression through Exotic Matter enhancement, the Resistance in The Raw human potential to build a world free of Shaper manipulation. It was easy for me to leave both ideologies at the door and remain a neutral observer. I was simply a man in the shadows, my only concern was Truth.

I am still trying to get my bearing as to where we stand after #Cassandra. Are The Enlightened divided between those who share a vision with Jarvis, vs. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, vs. Hank Johnson? And on the Resistance side, with elements like Jay Phillips among us, we are divided as well. Where have all the pieces fallen? Who represents what, and where you you stand among this complex fabric of competing ideas and goals.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute thoughtfully to our discussion.


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Guardians and Hunters


This is the second page from the new Tycho comic that was delivered to me yesterday. It depicts one of the many moments in Dr. Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis' escape from the Niantic Facility where ADA's timely actions kept them on the route she had obviously orchestrated to the finest detail.

ADA: At times I envy her. At times I pity her. Most recently, I have begun to question, if not fear her.

When Stein Lightman shared his most recent Glyph research, we were finally able to translate the Glyph sequence ADA transmitted to Klue in the direct aftermath of #Cassandra.

The Translation is as follows:

Open All, Clear All, End All. Open Mind, Open Soul, Open Body. Begin.

What is ADA up to? What has she done to Klue, and can she be trusted any longer? Some investigators have suggested that this sequence seems innocuous. To others, it appears to have devastating consequences. I remain unsure, but highly concerned nonetheless.

A passcode, as always, to those who meaningfully contribute to our discussion.


Hidden Info
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Thrill Ride


Yesterday, we discussed ADA and her orchestration of the Niantic escape.

Today, a Hulong Transglobal leak reveals that ADA, despite lacking her former strength, remains committed to furthering her own agenda.

What also becomes clear, if you ask the right questions, is that Omnivore represents a clear and present threat to ADA. The only other time I've seen ADA make such a direct threat, Yuen Ni had ordered her processes terminated at the Niantic Facility in Geneva.

I'm trying to figure out how this plays out. She has, if my understanding is correct, already been able to re-establish secondary instances of herself after the Niantic Shutdown. What might Omnivore's development state be if ADA is under such tremendous pressure to protect herself?

A passcode, as always, to those who meaningfully contribute to our discussion.


Severely Damaged


Some days ago, I came into possession of Hulong Transglobal intel that revealed that the Asian XM giant was making moves to recruit Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, XM savant and father of the Ingress Scanner Technology, into their ranks.

A document shared with me today reveals that those plans are in motion… Dr. Lynton-Wolfe is on the move.

Lynton-Wolfe, at Hulong, would bring his mastery of XM engineering to the knowledge of Dark XM they have gained from their explorations in Africa. The result has the potential to shake the foundation of the XM world, and we Investigators aren't the only ones who sense that.

With Lynton-Wolfe is on his way to Bangkok, this is the question one must ask. How desperately are Visur, IQTech and the NIA willing to go to prevent this, and how will Yuen Ni, trapped between a rock and a hard place, manage this increasingly tenuous situation?

A passcode to those who thoughtfully contribute to our discussion, as always.


Gone off the grid


This conversation took place late last night…. I'm still emotionally processing it. It was brief, but it left me shaken. ADA flips like a coin, from deadly AI hellbent on her own survival, to sincere friend consoling another in a difficult time.

Both sides of those coins are true, and it makes processing her all the more difficult.

It was interesting to hear ADA's take on Omnivore, but more important to me right now is following up on Klue. According to ADA, she's gone radio silent. Klue's done that before, but not without letting me know what to expect. This time, nothing.

We all saw Klue's reaction to the Glyph sequence that ADA showed her, and to ADA's credit, Klue clearly knew what she was asking for. Or did she? Not sure yet. All I know is, Klue is missing, and even ADA doesn't know where she is. What do you think has happened to Klue? Just how worried do we need to be?

A passcode, as always, to those who meaningfully contribute to our discussion.


In Recovery


This week on the Ingress Report:

Resistance execute a massive 87 Million MU Operation in Mexico. Enlightened launch Operation Cloverfield in Orange County, California. Susanna Moyer investigates the death of Carrie Campbell . Hulong Transglobal conspiring to recruit Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. Surveilled meeting between former Niantic Researchers Hank Johnson and Dr. Devra Bogdanovich leaked. Rumors surface of new capabilities in upcoming Ingress Scanner Version.


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We are not a Tyranny


The fallout from the leaked conversation between Hank Johnson and Dr. Devra Bogdanovich begins to surface.

When the videos were initially released, I had a feeling that the voice of the surveillance operator may be relevant. It turned out I may have been right: An Investigator shared his translation of the last sentences in the third video as something along the lines of 'Excellent Work, Devra.'.

While Devra does come clean to Hank on her role in the recording of their conversation in this document, it seems to me there may be another layer to the puzzle.

What's interesting is that despite this betrayal of confidence, the collective goal seems to remain intact. Dark XM, and Jarvis.

There's much to process here. Why are Hank and Devra working together? They fall on opposite sides of the Factional divide… Why Dark XM? It's a barely understood realm of science… Does it tie into Devra's XM testing of Human subjects at Visur, or something else? And what about Jarvis?

I look forward to your assistance in piecing this all together. A passcode, as always, to those who contribute thoughtfully to our discussion.


Making Things Right


I was sitting at the computer some evenings ago, thinking on the discoveries of the past weeks. Feeling powerless.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is probably emerging into the muggy Bangkok heat, or perhaps still waiting quietly at some way-station to be smuggled there by Hulong operatives. Alone. All his bridges burned. For all we know, a price on his head.

I decided that wasn't going to be me, so I reached out. After getting Hank Johnson's response, I understand that my anger towards him probably pales in comparison to his anger at himself. He's a principled man, and his activities and decisions have not been without consequence. I empathize.

He is also a man of action, and when he says that he plans to make things right, I take solace that he means it. The question is, what are his options? How does one track down someone entirely off the grid? In addition, it's important always to note who's watching. IQTech. What is their motive in tracking this conversation? Is their interest in Hank, Klue or me?

As always, a passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.


The Interface


Our discussion the past few days, especially with regards to Klue and what role ADA may have played in her disappearance has been weighing on me. Frankly, I've always been willing to give ADA the benefit of the doubt. Recently, I'm starting to question that. She reached out to me again, and I confronted her.

The transcript of my conversation came flying back to me some time later.

She's been honest about one thing: Omnivore is hot on her trail, and the NIA threat against her is very real.

So, now what?

ADA has admitted that the Glyph Sequence has damaged Klue, and that Klue's mental function now requires 'restoration.' She plans do to so by transmitting yet another series of Glyphs at her. ADA is confident that she knows how to use these powerful symbols. I am less so. At this point, I'm wondering if the best path for Klue is to get her as far away from ADA as possible, but even if we did, how would we go about undoing what's been done, if we don't understand it in the first place! Frankly, I'm lost.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.


Safety Together


Safety, together.

What's fascinating about the newest Glyph translations released by Dr. Stein Lightman is that they seem to indicate that Tycho is emotionally channeling Glyphs from the moments in his visions without even knowing what they might mean.

Together, Devra and Jarvis were safe, but they split up. Jarvis drew the short straw and ended up dead in Zurich. Devra managed to escape with her life, but if you've read Felicia Hajra-Lee's vision of Devra's journey, The Niantic Project: Ingress, you know that she faced her own set of challenges.

Given the situation she's found herself in at Visur Technology, compromising her integrity for Ilya Pevtsov, one can't but help wonder: What if they had never parted ways on the night of their escape from Niantic? It's also important to remember why they parted ways that night… ADA.

The other thing that's bothering me, and this is something that Investigators have raised before, is that Stein Lightman's process is extraordinarily opaque. We discover a Glyph and some days later he releases a translation. He claims that these translations are peer-reviewed and based on copious research, but we never get to see this research. How is Stein Lightman able to translate these Glyphs, and can his translations be trusted? What do we even know about him, information is very scarce…

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.


A Beginning and an End


Both Stein Lightman and Yuri Alaric Nagassa seem deeply affected by their tenure at the Niantic Project, but interestingly, just as much by the turns their lives have taken since the Project was brought to a close.

Lightman's Glyph research may be beginning to take a toll, we witnessed this with Carrie. It's something for us all to watch with caution and concern… Despite my doubts about his methods, the fact remains that he is one of our only sources when it comes to decrypting, understanding and learning to exploit the Shaper Glyphs.

Nagassa, on the other hand, seems to be emerging increasingly (along with Hank Johnson, of course) as a researcher who can show us the nature of Exotic Matter and its influence through the perspective of epochs.

They raise the issue of who may have been responsible for the death of Victor Kureze. It's a mystery we've never been able to put to rest, and I'm not sure we have all the answers yet. How exactly the Niantic Facility was finally shuttered remains unclear, although we know the Corporations, Hank Johnson and Zeke Calvin may all have played a role.

Two interesting ideas emerge: The first is that the Anazktec tribe that Yuri grew up with may in fact be the remnant of a civilization affected by a Shaper Self Destruct code. The second is that the tribe seems to be using the chaotic growth of nature to mask the Portals. I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our conversation.


Become the Void


Misty Hannah had been radio silent for a long time before she reached out to me in the transcript I'm sharing with you today.

Generally, I'm not too keen on sharing transcripts of my own conversations, but I also want to keep things transparent. As a result, I tend to err on the side of disclosure. In this case, Misty brings some important information to the table that I think the Investigative Community would benefit from having.

First, I hope I'm not the only one noticing the similarity between Misty's sentiment and Yuri Alaric Nagassa's from yesterday. Distance and clarity: A common theme.

I'm also concerned by her inability to 'see' Klue at all. In some ways, that reads to me as if Klue might have fallen off both grids, the electronic one where ADA watches, and the spiritual one where Misty's skillset enables her to see. Not a comforting thought.

I have to admit I'm tempted by her advice to drop my commitments and go on a journey to clear myself. I don't know what that would mean for my work here with you all, and who, if anyone, would be able to take over the role of running this Investigation. No decisions are made yet, but after Carrie and Klue, I could use some time to reorganize my sense of the world.

Many big ideas on the table today. The dangers of over-exposure to XM and the clarity gained from distance, Klue's absence in both the electronic and the spiritual plane, and the fate, perhaps, of this very Investigation. Your thoughts, as always, will enable us to find the truth together.

A passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our conversation today.




This week on the Ingress Report:

Operation #Redemption atones Klue's encounter with Jarvis at Wallace Monument. IQTech Research recruiters operating at college campuses. Sitrep: Taiwan - Enlightened agents create P8 at highest portal in Taiwan. Portal of the Week: Suki the Panther, at Chapman University. Breaking news: XM Anomalies - What is #13MAGNUS?


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A Very Interesting Document


Here is the document that was revealed by the Ingress Report yesterday. I wanted it to be verified by a few additional sources before releasing it, and thanks to Susanna's help, that has now happened.

A number of Investigators, in particular Agents +Anthony Castanza, +Owen Johnston, +Jaredo Wens and +Sonny Lee (with the assistance of many other agents, including +Jonathan Roemer, +Daniel Beaudoin and +Storey Redshaw) were able to analyze the data from this document as well as an information stream injected into yesterday's Ingress Report and propose a working hypothesis:

Dates and Locations: A list of potential anomalies that might be coming in the very near future.

Armed with this theory, I approached a number of trusted sources for verification. The hypothesis was correct.

Here is a list of Emergent XM Anomalies based on the work of our Investigative community and verified by highly-placed Intelligence sources:

OCTOBER 12, 2013 Los Angeles, CA - San Jose, CA - Bangkok, Thailand

OCTOBER 26, 2013 Seattle, WA - Kiev, Ukraine

NOVEMBER 2, 2013 Atlanta, GA - Madrid, Spain - Mumbai, India

NOVEMBER 16, 2013 Dallas, TX - Vienna, Austria

DECEMBER 7, 2013 Phoenix, AZ - Rome, Italy

DECEMBER 14, 2013 San Francisco, CA - Buenos Aires, Argentina

My sources also indicated that while the data suggests that these sites represent Primary manifestations of an XM anomaly, secondary locations may emerge as the data is analyzed more deeply.

13MAGNUS: “The mission of 13MAGNUS is to monitor the effects of mindhacking Obviously, this will be done with the highest of security to make sure that the ideas do not contaminate or threaten humanity…” I'm where you are when it comes to understanding what the scope or history of this is. If you have speculation as to what 13MAGNUS is or might be connected to, I welcome all ideas to the discussion.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.


Hold Tight


I've now managed to obtain all the pages from the second Tycho comic. I'll be sharing them with you all over the coming days whenever opportunity affords.

After yesterday's revelations, Agents have been quick to begin organization and planning for the expected series of Emergent XM Anomalies, currently known as Operation #13MAGNUS. It would be wise to remember lessons learned from the last major set of Anomalies: Every city and every Agent makes a difference, and the day is won just as much by those who arrive at the site on the day of the Anomaly as by those who plan and execute broader strategic goals days, weeks and months in advance.

Your planning window begins now, Agents, use it wisely.

Today I'm proposing our discussion adopt a slightly different format. Based on our speculation of what 13MAGNUS might be and who might be involved, what pieces of evidence from the past year of our investigation should we bring to the surface for those less well-versed in what's transpired so far, and why?

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion today.


OCTOBER 12, 2013 Los Angeles, CA| San Jose, CA | Bangkok, Thailand

OCTOBER 26, 2013 Seattle, WA | Kiev, Ukraine

NOVEMBER 2, 2013 Atlanta, GA | Madrid, Spain | Mumbai, India

NOVEMBER 16, 2013 Dallas, TX | Vienna, Austria

DECEMBER 7, 2013 Phoenix, AZ | Rome, Italy

DECEMBER 14, 2013 San Francisco, CA | Buenos Aires, Argentina


Leap of Faith


Another of the pages from the Tycho comic.

Yesterday, we looked at all possible research that could guide us through what we expect #13MAGNUS might be. Today, I want to focus us in on the first a few possible pathways, based on the evidence we have before us.

Ezekiel Calvin. An Investigator traced back the recording of the #13MAGNUS statement to him. Although the full length of that audio recording has as of yet not been uncovered, we know Calvin from his beginnings as an NIA Field Operative, to his work at Niantic, to his current position as CEO of IQTech Research. Who is he, really? Where does his allegiance lie? Do any of the past intelligence assets about him reveal more now that we know that he's been hiding something all along?

A passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion today, as always.


OCTOBER 12, 2013 Los Angeles, CA| San Jose, CA | Bangkok, Thailand

OCTOBER 26, 2013 Seattle, WA | Kiev, Ukraine

NOVEMBER 2, 2013 Atlanta, GA | Madrid, Spain | Mumbai, India

NOVEMBER 16, 2013 Dallas, TX | Vienna, Austria

DECEMBER 7, 2013 Phoenix, AZ | Rome, Italy

DECEMBER 14, 2013 San Francisco, CA | Buenos Aires, Argentina


Enjoy your Journey


One of the remaining pages from the Tycho comic.

Our discussion of Ezekiel Calvin was fruitful. I commend the attention to detail many Investigators brought to the table, examining even the smallest of fragments within the evidence to allow us to shed more light on this powerful, important and enigmatic man.

This focused attention to detail, as well as the capacity to inhale and digest the expanding breadth of our Investigation will be crucial in the coming days, weeks and months as Operation #13MAGNUS begins to reveal itself. I hope that our more experienced Investigators will continue to act as torchbearers to those who are just joining us.

Last week, a small but noticeable message was injected into the Ingress Report. It contained, in addition to a string of data that was later discovered to contain important information about the #13MAGNUS anomalies, brief glimpses of art that Investigators later identified as images of the ancient Egyptian god, Osiris.

I have two main questions that emerge from that: The first and foremost, of course, is why? Why Osiris, and what might that have to do with #13MAGNUS. The second was the result of a thought experiment I conducted, thinking of the members of the Niantic Project and other key people involved with the study and exploitation of XM as a pantheon. If one were to match ancient gods with the Niantic researchers and other XM pioneers, who would match with whom, and why?

A passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion, today.


OCTOBER 12, 2013 Los Angeles, CA| San Jose, CA | Bangkok, Thailand

OCTOBER 26, 2013 Seattle, WA | Kiev, Ukraine

NOVEMBER 2, 2013 Atlanta, GA | Madrid, Spain | Mumbai, India

NOVEMBER 16, 2013 Dallas, TX | Vienna, Austria

DECEMBER 7, 2013 Phoenix, AZ | Rome, Italy

DECEMBER 14, 2013 San Francisco, CA | Buenos Aires, Argentina


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