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 [[wikilink|Name]] [[wikilink|Name]]
 +===== August 29 2014 =====
 +**[[investigation:​timeline:​08_2014#​August 29 2014| Posted August 29, 2014]]**\\
 +[[https://​​u/​0/​+NianticProject/​posts/​AdX4in43msz|original link]] \\
 +Former Niantic Researcher, +Martin Schubert, argues for his desire to research the #Helios Artifacts. Enlightened ideologue, +Roland Jarvis, struggles through his illness and grasps for lucidity, warning him to turn away... ​
 +Despite the fog of confusion and weakness Jarvis is speaking through, the warning is clear.
 +A portion of this surveillance audio file was initially obtained by the #​IngressReport. I have now obtained and present this file in full. It is my hope that all members of the Investigative Community can come to their own conclusion about the #Helios Artifacts: Their potential for good in restoring the Portal Network as well as whatever unspoken danger they may represent.
 +[[http://​​videos:​jarvis:​knowledge|Jarvis and Schubert: Knowledge Will Protect Us]]
 ---- ----
 ===== August 30 2014 ===== ===== August 30 2014 =====
 **[[investigation:​timeline:​08_2014#​August 30 2014| Posted August 30, 2014]]**\\ **[[investigation:​timeline:​08_2014#​August 30 2014| Posted August 30, 2014]]**\\
-[[link|original link]] \\+[[https://​​u/​0/​+NianticProject/​posts/​gXQDZHHEZeg|original link]] \\ 
 +The Resistance, through a series of well calculated transfers, capture four additional #Helios Artifacts in Yektarinburg. 
 +The Target Portals in Russia and India are expected to remain in their current position through next week, and it is likely additional captures will be made during that window. 
 +In the meantime, the watchlist for the #Final15 Helios #Artifact Portals has begun to emerge via coded files uncovered by +Verum Inveniri. 
-[[wikilink|Name]]+[[events:​helios:​artifacts?&#​august_30|Artifact update - 30 August]]
 ---- ----
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