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-==== Title ====+==== Under the Earth ====
-[[link|{{resources:​thoughts_for_the_day:​totd0831.png?​300 |}}]] 2013-08-31\\+[[http://​​pac%2FIB%2F09%2FTOTD%2F_09_ttotd_031_356987.html|{{resources:​thoughts_for_the_day:​totd0831.png?​300 |}}]] 2013-08-31\\
->+A leaked Hulong Transglobal document captured this conversation between Drs. Yuri Alaric Nagassa and Stein Lightman. 
 +The current theory is that the Signal that emerged from the Portals some time ago contained what is widely believed to be a '​Self-Destruct code,' a pattern of Glyphs that, when disseminated through a civilization,​ causes it to begin to destroy itself and eventually be replaced by another civilization. It's a crazy theory, but one that people like Hank Johnson think led to the sudden and not fully understood demise of civilizations like Cahokia. 
 +Myself, I believe it. It's Clarke'​s Third Law all over again. Especially after seeing the video of Klue on Thursday, I have no doubt of the power the Glyphs can exert upon an individual, and what's a civilization but a collection of individuals?​ 
 +Carrie has (had?) in recent days been troubled, deeply immersed in her work, but clearly in search of '​something.'​ A conversation between her and Hank Johnson revealed that she was aware of the magnitude of her work. When we spoke in Chicago, she was at times barely lucid... fragmented and carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. 
 +It all leads to the big question: Where is Carrie, and is she OK? Did she succeed in finding the answer code? Even if she did, how will we find it if she'​s... no longer among us. I don't know the answer, but I welcome your theories. A passcode, as always, for thoughtful contribution to our discussion.  
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