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Untitled (07/2014)

July 01 2014

July 02 2014

Posted July 02, 2014
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In anticipation of tomorrow's #IngressReport, I was going through last week's episode in detail, to see if there were any hidden clues I might have missed.

I came upon these 3 images embedded subliminally within the footage. Others before me had found them, but I hadn't paid much attention to them at the time.

Today, they resonated differently. I felt strongly that there was an underlying meaning I had failed to grasp when I first came across them.

Do any Investigators out there have a hunch as to what message these images might hold?



July 03 2014

Posted July 03, 2014
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+Susanna Moyer takes a look at where the #Interitus Anomalies have brought us. +Hank Johnson, +Roland Jarvis, +Devra Bogdanovich, Azmati and herself, nearly everyone has been affected in some ways by the massive conflict from which we have emerged.

Where are we now? Where are we going next?

Does a recording of a recent conversation with ADA hold the clue?


INGRESS REPORT- Raw Feed July.3.2014 After #Interitus

July 04 2014

Posted July 04, 2014
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Some days ago +Hulong Transglobal made an announcement 'Welcoming a New Generation of Elite Agents' and referencing Montreal and July 12th, 2014.

It was unclear at the time, but a recent document from the Asian XM giant has revealed just what they had planned: A new XM Burst Operation structure designed to enable the Factions to leverage and train new recruits in preparation for the next major Anomaly series.

Agents in Montreal, Chattanooga and Toronto… the clock is ticking… Good luck!



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