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 \\  \\ 
 ---- ----
-==== Title ====+==== Across the Earth ====
-[[link|{{resources:​thoughts_for_the_day:​totd0731.png?​300 |}}]] 2013-07-31\\+[[http://​​pac/​IB/​08/​TOTD/​_08_ttotd_031_684987.html|{{resources:​thoughts_for_the_day:​totd0731.png?​300 |}}]] 2013-07-31\\
->+>Two day until Operation #​Minotaur. 
 +In the background, the London Enlightened have been engaged in a global effort to securely disperse high resolution versions of the Operation #TimeZero Glyphs. 
 +Other Investigators have offered equally powerful tools to help us catalog and study these strange and potentially powerful new items. In particular Investigator Daniel Beaudoin'​s transcription of the Glyphs I find incredibly accurate and well articulated,​ and will likely serve as an excellent guide as Agents from around the world attempt to rebuild the forms across the Earth during Operation #Minotaur.  
 +Finally, I received a brief message from an old colleague, a most illuminated man. It seems that he's out in the world, free to speak and roam, which can only mean one thing. I'm sure we'll be hearing from him publicly soon enough. 
 +For today'​s question, I want to discuss Jay Phillips. He's a man many fear, and for good reason. What do we know about him? What has his current mandate been, and if things have unfolded as I expect, and Hazdata and the NIA no longer hold any leverage at the shuttered Niantic Facility, what might we expect from him next? As usual, a passcode to those who help us build a rich and meaningful conversation. 
 +Felicia Hajra-Lee'​s novel The Niantic Project: Ingress is available on Google Play and in the Amazon e-book store.  
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