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The Dispersal (04/2013)

Curtain Calls


A recent memo of staggering proportion from within the Niantic Project reveals plans to 'shutter' the current phase of the project.

It is unclear to me what this means for the future of all those involved, although it seems there are plans and intentions for some of us…

I'll be watching my back more closely than usual, for sure.


Who Gets to Know the Truth?


Today marks the launch of Alignment - Ingress, the new novella covering Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats' journey in Africa, available now at Google Play and on Amazon.

Watch the trailer, or read the first chapter preview

New York Times Bestselling author Thomas Greanias has informed me that he plans to celebrate the launch by sharing a large collection of Ingress Scanner Activation codes and Asset Redemption Codes on Google+ with those who can answer the questions he will be posting over the course of the day. Watch his Google+ page for details…


Everything Changed


There was a flood of activity on +Thomas Greanias' Google+ page yesterday. Close to 1000 comments, and many interesting answers from the author on the four interview threads. He seemed cagey but also quite in-the-know on a number of topics, if you read between the lines. Another author we've been tracking also made an appearance…

Earlier today, +Joe Philley started a thread, challenging the assumption that the document leaked on April 1st was a hoax, and that the Niantic Project may actually be beginning the process of shuttering their operation. Interesting observations there, as well.

I received a document today revealing the confusion and conflict inside the Niantic Labs on the eve of Misty's disappearance. It seems oddly prescient. One thing is for certain, everything changed that night…


Just a Scratch


Susanna Moyer is back with another episode of the Ingress Report. This week, she's covering power shifts in Rome, Ingress Scanner drones and Tuesday's book launch by +Thomas Greanias.

In other news, disregard anything you've heard or are about to hear. It was just a scratch.


Several Stones with One Bird


A recent transcript of a conversation between Misty Hannah and ADA. Keep an ear to the ground, I'll share details about this public performance as soon as I hear more.

With Phillips being given more or less carte-blanche to 'clean house,' and Misty apparently having some old scores of her own out in the wild, it's clear to me why Misty needs ADA.

Not sure yet how exactly ADA hopes to exploit Misty's knowledge of Exotic Matter Hyperthreading to her own advantage. If you have a theory, let me know.


An Obvious Conclusion


Another recent transcript, this one between ADA and Henry Bowles, Lead Developer for Systems (one assumes, including the assembly of ADA from Omnivore components) at the Niantic Project.

ADA seems acutely aware that shutdown process that Director Yuen Ni began at the beginning of the month has a direct impact on her. She seems to have a plan in motion, but will it be enough?


The Old Triple Blind


A recent news article about a bizarre car crash in Santa Monica, CA. I'll be laying low for a bit.


The Transmission


Two major pieces of news today. It seems Misty Hannah will be performing live at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on April 24th, at 8PM. Details about how to attend this event are still forthcoming, but it seems that the wheels set in motion some time ago during a conversation between ADA and Misty are beginning to have an effect.

In other news, I recently received a document from an as of yet unknown researcher at Niantic. Something about a Shaper Data Transmission on April 21. I am working now to verify that the tip is real, and will share it with you shortly if I can confirm.


A Key Under a Mat


An update to the Ingress Scanner Technology has brought the Powercubes out into the open.

I've had this document for quite some time, but I was never quite sure of its veracity. As things have unfolded it seems it was a real piece of intel.

Both factions are beginning to absorb the news revealed yesterday, of a data exfil operation on April 21 covering a sizeable section of Europe. The powercubes, with their tactical value in high-XM use situations, will undoubtedly be a powerful tool during this mission.


Hidden Info
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Operational Shielding


An odd document today discusses something called Ken Owen's 'Hide in the Spotlight' strategy.

Barium? False flag? Damage Control? Your guess is as good as mine.

Continued movement on the Europe front as alliances begin to form internationally to manage the mission announced by Curter Zokiev on April 21 in Geneva.


A Brush With Death


On this week's Ingress Report:

Operation Nightstalker: A 120xL8 farm in Europe. News from Klue about our… incident… last week. A battle in Bangkok ends in the Enlightened's favor. The Art of War comes to Ingress. and more…

Another episode next Thursday…

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


An Apparent Computer Glitch


A newspaper article covers Klue's call to Susanna Moyers, and sheds new light on the 'minor' incident in Santa Monica last week. Apparently Klue and I are now being considered 'fictional characters.'

Perhaps Ken Owen's Hide in the Spotlight strategy is working… I have to give the man credit, he knows how to manipulate the media.

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.




A document leaked from within IQTech reveals how a single 'malfunctioning' stoplight saved mine and Klue's lives, and the hidden cost it came with…

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


Limited Choices


With leverage in hand, ADA has begun to move the pieces in place to ensure her survival.

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


Inner Circle


The news of ADA, Calvin and Owen's unauthorized intervention has reached Jay Phillips and Ni's ears….

There will be a price to pay, but who will bear the cost?

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


Not Fully Formed


When the Niantic Project closes its doors, what will happen to the researchers who have discovered this new layer within our reality?

Will they move away from the work that has occupied them so intensely? Will they begin to collaborate among themselves, or branch away as individuals?

In this calibration video, Carrie Campbell discusses her work at Niantic, and her desire to uncover the root linguistic mechanics of the Shaper Mind interaction.

I'm curious if she'll be able to continue her work after Ni closes the doors and locks them shut.

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


A Simple, Complex Idea


An audio recording from somewhere within the Niantic Facility during the Project's earlier days explores another of Carrie Campbell's theories.

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


Fire to the Cavemen


This week on the Ingress Report, Susanna Moyer has breaking news about updates to the Ingress Scanner Tech, an interview with Dr. Victor Kureze about the power of Exotic Matter, and more…

Another episode next Thursday…

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


Unauthorized Changes


A leaked email thread confirms the news revealed in yesterday's Ingress Report: It seems links now contribute to portal defense, and XMPs are to begin consuming XM in order to obtain more accurate targeting.

The changes to the scanner seem to have been unauthorized… a post from Curter Zokiev takes credit for the changes.

Fingers within Niantic are pointing at Dr. Victor Kureze, but he has denied the allegations, according to the leaked emails.

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


Shaping Minds


+Misty Hannah has reached out, offering to exchange stories about how Exotic Matter has shaped the way you think for access to her live performance at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on April 24th. See her post for the details.

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.


Hostile Takeover


A staggering piece of news is developing: In the backdrop of the Shaper Data Transmission, it seems an organization called HAZDATA is currently attempting to take over the Niantic Facility.

Stay tuned…

April 21 Shaper Data Transmission Event in Geneva.




A captured email from HAZDATA's mobile task-force at the Niantic Facility in Geneva confirms my worst fears…

If ADA has indeed been taken offline, Misty Hannah, who is scheduled to perform live at the Magic Castle this Wednesday, may have lost an important ally.


Standart Operating Procedure


A local newspaper article begins to fill in the missing pieces of the HAZDATA takeover of the Niantic Facility, and the death (or murder) of Dr. Victor Kureze.


Congressional Oversight


Who set the wheels in motions that led to the sudden and aggressive termination of the Niantic Facility's activities in Geneva?

Today, an important piece of evidence begins to reveal that story.


Expect the Unexpected


Was on-site to support Misty at her first live performance since Niantic entered our lives. Something ugly went down, I can't be sure, but I thought I heard ADA speak, if so, a huge relief.

Still piecing the details together using witness accounts, if you remember what happened, share your story.

Today, Susanna Moyer returns with the Ingress Report. The top stories:

Niantic Facility Takeover. Shaper Data Transmission. Operation Blue Mist. Rumors of new Scanner upgrades. and more…

A Cover Story


Felicia Hajra-Lee claims that wheels are in motion to publish the entirely of 'An Exotic Matter' on May 7th, 2013.

She's initiating a contest to find the right cover for the book, see her post for the details.


Future Pathways


An email recovered by HAZDATA during their employee offboarding process shines light on where the Niantic researchers may be headed next.

Felicia Hajra-Lee continues to seek submissions to be the cover of An Exotic Matter, which will be released on May 7th, 2013. See her post for the details.


A Better Way to Disappear


A newspaper article in a local Hollywood paper sheds further light on the incident at the Magic Castle last Wednesday.

Felicia Hajra-Lee continues to seek submissions to be the cover of An Exotic Matter, which will be released on May 7th, 2013. See her post for the details.


Visions of Distant Places


I was able to get a look at one of the previously unseen pieces of art by Tycho that are going to be included in An Exotic Matter. This is a small, cropped portion of one of the pages.

Felicia Hajra-Lee continues to seek submissions to be the cover of An Exotic Matter, which will be released on May 7th, 2013. See her post for the details.


Final words


A compromised HAZDATA document reveals the final words of Dr. Victor Kureze, captured moments before his death. The rushed fragment reveals news of a potential Emergent Anomaly in San Francisco on May 16th.

Also, in a recent video, Enlightened agent +Joshua Reiniger attempts to shape the opinions of his resistance counterparts.

Felicia Hajra-Lee continues to seek submissions to be the cover of An Exotic Matter, which has been held back and will will now be released on in Mid-May. See her post for the details.


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