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-==== Title ====+==== First Look ====
-[[link|{{resources:​thoughts_for_the_day:​totd0331.png?​300 |}}]] 2013-03-31\\+[[http://​​pac/​IB/​04/​TOTD/​_04_ttotd_031_976119.html|{{resources:​thoughts_for_the_day:​totd0331.png?​300 |}}]] 2013-03-31\\
->+>New York Times Bestselling Author Thomas Greanias has been in touch with me, and kindly offered to share the first chapter of his upcoming Alignment - Ingress with the investigative community. 
 +Mr. Greanias says he has obtained a very sizable inventory of Ingress Scanner activation codes and Asset Redemption codes, and plans to share them online on Google+ on April 2nd, the day his novella goes on sale.  
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 \\  \\ 
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