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Shifting Alignments (03/2013)



Tomorrow, it all goes down at The Wallace Monument, I am worried, thrilled and more than a little curious.

Yesterday, Agent +Joshua Reiniger called me out for being a partisan. I hope my response was sufficient.

Today, we see the final pages of An Exotic Matter Chapter 2.


Resistance Victory at Wallace


The Enlightened worked from afar to build a massive field, but failed. The Resistance took control of the portals at The Wallace Monument, and held them strong.

By all measures, it seems to me the Resistance won the day.

Klue… I need to hear from you. Are you OK?


More Human


A forceful, emotional Klue brings us into her experience at The Wallace Monument. She's solved the mystery that led her there, and it has enabled her to define her choice.

I do not know if this is the outcome I was expecting or wanted. In a divided world, both sides of the schism are a slippery slope.


A Magical Place


Today, I received a calibration video for the magician, Misty Hannah. She speaks of growing up in place called Marfa, an idealized and isolated town in Texas. lrik3fr7ianr7r6u

Klue's story and videos from over the weekend led to much discussion, and impassioned arguments from both sides of the factional divide.

Verum Inveniri, in a late update, resumed their Access Dive and released a letter calling on investigators to bridge the gap and come together to solve their final puzzles.


Not One, Three


A leaked chatlog from the Niantic Project today breaks news of three upcoming anomalies. Two on 03/09 and 03/16 in Austin, TX and one on 03/16 in Lake Geneva, WI. arigjgmvkcmrdizwgxlsbgxl

Misty Hannah, the magician, seems to be involved. I'll post an update as soon as I've processed the details. Keep your ears to the ground, truthseekers.


Eventually Linked, Forever


Field operatives across Midwest and Southwest USA begin to formulate strategies to take control of the portal anomalies in Austin, TX on 03/09 and 03/16 and Lake Geneva, WI on 03/16.

The leaked chatlog yesterday mentioned something called the Niantic 42M32VY6052YDronenet. Information is still sparse on exactly what this is….


An Accursed Life


Two new pieces of intel today.

A leaked audio recording reveals details of Misty's encounter with the phenomenon known as the green flash, and a chatlog between Ezekiel Calvin and Jay Phillips discusses the Niantic Dronenet resupply strategies and headcounts for the SXSW anomalies.

SXSW/Austin 03/09
SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16


Hidden Info
In the source code you can see 75aou8vbcp8rflksq.

Read every sixth character as hinted by letter-spacing:6px - 7vf5blackopsu8q8r



More information today about the DroneNet… an image captured in the field by an operative. The NIA has been watching the headcounts at the anomalies in anticipation of deployment.

In addition, news that a full scale model of the James Webb Telescope will be on display just minutes from the Austin, TX anomaly. Scientists will be making presentations as part of the exhibit, covering topics including 'Are we Alone?' and 'Unravelling Cosmic Mysteries.' Rumors are circulating that this is all connected, somehow….

SXSW/Austin 03/09 SXSW/Austin 03/16 Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16 -PAC

The First of Three


It's bedlam, and the day's just getting started. Reports are rolling in that agents camped out at the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue to try and secure an early foothold, and blocking links have been popping up all over the region. If you are in the field, share pictures, videos and updates constantly. We are all watching intently.

In addition, let us know if you sense any strange sensations while near the James Webb Telescope…

SXSW/Austin 03/09 SXSW/Austin 03/16 Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty


Two Remain


Today, an internal document profiling the scientific thinktank 'IQTech.'

With the magician Misty Hannah's first anomaly being taken by The Resistance, attention now focuses to the simultaneous events on 03/16 in Austin and Lake Geneva. How will be Enlightenment evolve their strategy in the wake of yesterday's loss?

SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty


Freedom and Choice


Today, a member of the Enlightened community shares a message for Klue, revealing the hidden message in Jarvis's broadcast to her.

I heard a rumor that the 03/16 anomaly in Austin may have experienced destabilization following the Resistance victory on 03/09. The chatter suggests that both the key portal as well as the contributing portals may be shifting locations. More on that as soon as I know more.

SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty


The Austin Anomaly Shifts


A chatlog today confirms the rumors heard yesterday. The anomaly on 03/16 has shifted locations, and will now be centered around the UT Tower on the UT Austin Campus.

In addition, the anomaly now spans 2 hours, with measurements being taken at half hour intervals. For details see my breakdown, or read the leaked Niantic Chatlog.

SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty




News today of a new feature being implemented in the scanner, as well as confirmation that the anomaly at Lake Geneva on 03/16 will function the same as the 03/16 Austin anomaly.

Read the leaked chatlog, or see the Lake Geneva link below for the details.

SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty


Unlocking Potential


A conversation between Ezekiel Calvin and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe spoke of Misty Hannah playing role playing games as a child, and using them to discover and unlock her inner magic.

An operative in Austin found this artifact from another time… A window into that formative period in Misty's life.

SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty


No Facility Exit


I was able to obtain a copy of Misty's ID badge at Niantic. She looks happy in the picture, probably taken before everything started to turn sour at the project. The words 'No Facility Exit' are emblazoned on the front… a stark reminder of where things began and where they ended up.

SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty




Today is the day. Stay tuned, I'll be watching things unfold all day with posts, reshares, images, and reports from the field.

If you're on the ground in Lake Geneva or Austin, share updates publicly and directly with +NianticProject and +Ingress. If you're near the portals somewhere else, and feel a tremor you think may be related to the anomalies, let me know.

SXSW/Austin 03/16
Gary Con/Lake Geneva 03/16

#IngressSXSW #freemisty


Doing the Impossible


Yesterday was thrilling, exhausting, incredible.

When Misty emerged in front of the operatives in Austin, I knew that we had all in our own ways been part of something that many (myself included) believed was impossible.

This document was slipped to me yesterday. Being distracted with the anomalies, I ignored it. Today, I looked at it more closely, and realized I'd heard the name before… It has something to do with Hank Johnson, IQ Tech and Ezekiel Calvin, but I can't quite remember the connection.


Into the Daylight


It took a great deal of maneuvering and negotiation, but I was able to obtain Chapter 3 of Felicia Hajra-Lee's An Exotic Matter.

I'll share the pages as I complete processing them for additional information.

If her near-clairvoyant insight remains accurate, which so far it seems to have, then these pages will help bring us up to date on what Dr. Devra Bogdanovich has been up to…


Two Birds One Bullet


n today's pages from An Exotic Matter, Farlowe and 855 begin to converge on Dr. Christie Novosel.

Farlowe appears to be struggling with some form of XM interference, and I get the feeling Devra's time shift may have been caused by the same.


Johnson and Yeats


Today, the cover for Thomas Greanias' Alignment - Ingress.

Greanias has made some claims that insights into this journey 'suddenly popped into his head.'

It is still unclear if the content of his book has a clairvoyant nature, and is an accurate record of Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats' activities.


Emergent Anomaly : Los Angeles


A very recent Operation Juice Club document leaked and came my way.

It seems Misty is continuing to improve her hyperthreading skillset, and seeks to use their network of research nodes on 03/27 to transport her XM entity across the Los Angeles area.


Hidden Meanings


This image came my way. I was told it was some kind of coded map related to Hank Johnson's foray in the Congo.

I've tried laying it over the region in every possible way, and if it is a map, it's not one in the geographical sense, more of a series of metaphors using spatial relationships. Even then, it seems there's some kind of encoding mechanism keeping it obscure.

I've stared at it for most of the day with no new ideas.

Have at it, and let me know what you can come up with.


Ulterior Motives


I rely on friends out in the field to keep the investigation going.

Ben Jackland was spotted by a NIA surveillance team recently when I asked him to check in on the Chrome stores.

If you remember, some time ago they were being used as dead drops. It seems Niantic Labs has been releasing patches for both factions to the stores. What is their role in all this? Whose side are they on? Do they have ulterior motives…


Oiled and Blued


In today's pages from An Exotic Matter, 855, Devra Bogdanovich and Farlowe converge on a single location.

It seems to be a deadly game of cat and mouse, but who really has the upper hand?


Watching Very Closely


An interesting, if not slightly worrying, turn of events. wrofzercnipptnnfhpq

I was contacted today by someone named Susanna Moyer. She claims that she is part of a group that has been watching the investigation surrounding Niantic and Ingress unfold, albeit silently.

It looks like that is about to change, as they prepare to emerge from the shadows…


Alignment - Ingress


Today, the trailer for Alignment - Ingress, from New York Times Bestselling Author, Thomas Greanias.

Greanias has said that the book relies on research uncovered during the Niantic Investigation, as well as anecdotal information from Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats.


A Shift and a Pull


As we prepare for the expected Misty Hannah hyperthreading phenomenon to begin in Los Angeles, I received this tapped phone call.

In the moments following Misty's escape from the lab on 03/16, a payphone near her began to ring. It was ADA. They had a short conversation, and then Misty appeared before the agents in Austin.


Ingress Report Launches


You may remember I received a cryptic message a few days ago from someone named Susanna Moyer.

Today, she contacted me again, and revealed what they have been working on. It's something called the Ingress Report, and it will be back again next week…

To mark their launch, they are offering 100 AP to the first 150 submissions at, watch the premiere episode for the details.

In addition, an internal chatlog reveals plans to extend Ingress Scanner Access codes to all L6-L8 agents…


Two Targets


Today, a disturbing transcript leaked to me from within the entity known as IQTech discussing Niantic's plans for Misty and Klue.

Earlier in the investigation, I asked the question: Who watches the watchers?

It seems we have uncovered another watcher…


And Waited


The final pages of Felicia Hajra Lee's An Exotic Matter, Chapter 3. A deadly and forceful collision between Farlowe, Dr. Bogdanovich and 855.




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