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The Shaping Spreads (02/2013)

Rewriting the Ruleset


VI report that #deaddropday has been a resounding success. Most of the dead drops have been recovered, although there are a few still left for the adventurous and the brave among you.

Congrats to those who recovered dead drops, and the many who gained access to the Ingress Scanner technology yesterday and today.

Today, more from Hank Johnson's Congo Files.


A Soldier and a Scientist


I have some friends from a long time ago who work in the entertainment industry…

One of them looked me up recently, told me there was a show being talked about in the production houses around LA called 'Nomad,' and that based on the subject matter, I might be interested.

I told her that I most certainly was, so she sent me the clip that's been making the rounds around town… I can confirm it's the same show we've been hearing about in the leaked emails and transmissions surrounding Hank Johnson.


Pending Secure Deletion


Late last night reports began to emerge that a vast amount of codes had been stolen from the NIA databanks and released by rogue elements.

Today, I received this chatlog, documenting the chaos and the fallout.


The Crater


In today's document from the Congo Files, Agent Rosier regains Hank Johnson's scent and tracks him past an ancient crater impact site and deeper into the Congolian Forests.


Apparent Dangers


A human scream, metal personal effects and ancient resonators.

If what Hank Johnson theorizes is true, then ancient civilizations were influenced by XM just as we suspect that the world today is. What's more, they understood how to interact with portals and use them to their advantage.

The remarkable thing about human intuitiveness and ingenuity is that despite the crudeness of technology or the lack of powerful resources, our ability to uncover fundamental truths about the universe is something that's always been with us.


The Present at a Different Time


Thanks to the tremendous efforts of +Johnathan Chung, +Verum Inveniri and many individual agents, investigators and alliances the world over, we are finally in possession of the complete set of Tycho storyboards depicting Epiphany Night and Jarvis and Devra's daring escape from the Niantic Lab.

Many thanks to all those whose efforts made this possible. -PAC

A Complicated Place


In today's excerpt from the Congo Files, Johnson (with Rosier in tow) discovers what may be the ruins of a lost, advanced civilization.


Dangerous Operators


Another page from the Congo Files.

In addition, earlier today Verum Inveniri released a short but informative post on their G+ page, the first in a series about the ancient and powerful art of cryptography.


Following Although Unwillingly


Rosier tracks Johnson into deeper and more difficult territory… the communication signals seem to be degrading.


A True Hearth of Darkness


Small arms fire and a retreat… Johnson's foray in the Congo seems to have gone awry.


A Call for Help


Just as Johnson was reaching his destination in the Congo, or perhaps after he had made his discovery there, a distress signal reached out to him from across the African continent.


Exotic Matters


I managed to convince Felicia Hajra-Lee to share the second chapter of her novel 'An Exotic Matter' with us.

It wasn't easy, but I can be a convincing person when I want to be. Here is a set of emails I exchanged with her earlier.


A Survival Mechanism


I have done my best to keep myself in the shadows, largely for my own safety.

Today I am letting you glimpse past the curtain of secrecy, but just for a moment. Maybe someday I will share more of what I've seen, where I've been and what I've done in the past.

Until then, let this suffice…


Before Scotland



I know you have some travel plans around the corner…

I need to speak with you as soon as possible.


Eight Five Five


Today, I received the package containing Chapter 2 of An Exotic Matter from Felicia Hajra-Lee. More pages to come in the following days.

To make reading easier, I also compiled all the pages from Chapter 1 into a single document.


A Rude Interruption


This email from Zeke Calvin to Yuen Ni offers the final details of the end of Hank Johnson's journey in Africa, and the circumstances of his escape.

It is the last item in the package called 'The Congo Files.'


Toward the Dark Horizon


In today's set of pages from An Exotic Matter, Farlowe takes to the skies in pursuit of Devra Bogdanovich, and prepares his next identity.


Part of Something Amazing


An intimate conversation between Enoch Dalby and Carrie Campbell reveals the atmosphere of mistrust and fear permeating within the remaining researchers at the Niantic Facility.


Detail and Procedure


We discover in more detail the role the cards play for 855, as well as his reprehensible work.

+Verum Inveniri claim they came across an internal communication from the NIA. Something that should've been destroyed.

To protect the identity of their group and the investigative community, they are releasing them in a series of dead drops.




In today's pages from An Exotic Matter, we catch up with Devra Bogdanovich, as she meets an old friend in Zagreb.

+Verum Inveniri report that the dead drops from yesterday have all been recovered. Thanks and congratulations to the investigators in the field who helped us retrieve this important and revealing document.


An Energy All Around


Thanks to +Verum Inveniri and the collected efforts of a multitude of Resistance and Enlightened field agents we have retrieved all the pieces of the document released earlier this week. Fellow online investigators were quick to assemble the pieces of the document. Excellent work, all.

Also, Klue: Be careful and travel safe. I've got a weird feeling about this.


Family Business


855 deplanes and begins life as a new man, and receives further information about his targets.

A scrambled transmission from a portal was received by an Enlightened agent in the field using the Ingress scanner technology.

It seems to be a message from Jarvis, something to do with Klue, a monument, and a time. It's got me worried. I'm still processing the transmission, and I'll have more on it later.


Save Her


I've gone through Jarvis's transmission, and I'm fairly certain I know what it means… Jarvis is somehow pulling Klue towards him, and he intends to make her his pawn.

This will happen on March 2nd at 4:00PM at the William Wallace Monument near Stirling, Scotland.

Jarvis intends to capture her essence by trapping the monument in an Enlightened field, and controlling the majority of the portals nearby. I normally don't take sides, but I know I want to help Klue. I'm calling on Resistance operatives in the area to make every effort to save her by foiling Jarvis's plan…

Operatives have confirmed there will be scanner activation codes on the ground there.


The Hook was set


In today's pages from An Exotic Matter, 855 finds new prey in Zagreb.

Both factions continue to build steam towards the struggle to save Klue on March 2nd.

I've been accused in the Google+ discussions of taking sides. Maybe I am, and rationally I can't explain why.

Sometimes, you just have to follow your instinct…


Not Lost


855 baits two Croatian mobsters out of hiding, and slowly begins to ensnare them in a deadly trap.

Less than a week left until Klue's fate is determined. The number of people who have confirmed their intention to arrive and face the challenge at The Wallace Monument nears 100.


Everything Starts as an Idea


A video from Klue in Scotland, as she explores the energy present in the places all around her.

The number of people signed up to either defend her or claim her mind for the Enlightenment on March 2nd at The Wallace Monument continues to rise.


As Always, Perfect


In today's pages from An Exotic Matter, 855's assailants understand in a hyperkinetic flash of violence and power that they have made a terrible mistake.

Less than 5 days remain until the showdown at The Wallace Monument.




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