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The Jarvis Resurrection (01/2013)

Beauty in the Beheld


We now enter the third month of this investigation. I want to thank all fellow investigators: Our work together has helped to uncover a conspiracy that spans the entire planet, and we've only just begun to scratch the surface.

I wish you all a safe and happy 2013… there is much more ahead of us.


Plagiarized by Reality


Received another page from the conversation between Hank Johnson and ADA, but more interestingly, an author contacted me about some odd similarities between a novel she (allegedly) wrote back in 2009, and the events from last month's investigation.

As usual, my default attitude is one of skepticism, but I'll never let that prevent me from examining the evidence.


This Thrum was different


More pages from the supposed 2009 novel, An Exotic Matter.

If this is real, and I'm still quite unsure of that, then it's a cornucopia of details, information, and insight…


Hidden Data
In the source code 5rp7g2satevuyaapvshpili5cnsavi6cx5si{~} can be found

Using the ~ as a hint you can apply a Railfence (since it works like a wave). In this case a railfence of 4 gives out this result
Using the logic for roman numbers seen in other cases we obtain 2 new passcodes
5sh6particlep6x5u and 7yc5nagassap2v7s

Jinns and Monsters


The details of the so-called 'Afghanistan Anomaly' begin to emerge, a place filled with jinns and hidden monsters.


Hidden Data
Can be found in the source code. if breaken into groups of five we get these

If you then read from the bottom left upwards and then down the next column and down the next and so on you get
fivexgsevendenialycuatroqnineq that will give us the passcode - 5xg7denialy4q9q

How to disappear


Today, more pages from the Hajra-Lee novel

In them, Devra Bogdanovich confronts the challenge of becoming an anonymous face in the crowd.


Hidden Data
In text in very small letters you can find lxgkzeghlstjrcierrf
If you atbash it you get octpavtsohgqixrviiu
reverse the middle word and turn the letters into numbers and you get the passcode - 8pa5ghostq9r7u

The Many Effects of Xm


Devra Bogdanovich meets a few fellow Americans on the train, for better or worse…


Hidden Data
In the source at line 340 we see

reverse all this and you get a hex string. Convert it to ASCII and you get this - djR6NnJnZW5ldmE1ZHAz
Decode that from base64 and you get v4z6rgeneva5dp3
Just reverse the edges and you obtain a new passcode - 3pd5genevar6z4v

The Hidden Factor


'Let us say that Exotic Matter has been the hidden factor in human history.'

A bold statement from Hank Johnson. I've yet to see the evidence, but it is a massive and far-reaching idea to contemplate.


A World to Save


In these pages, Dr. Bogdanovich begins to uncover more details about David and Mika, the mysterious couple who seem to have a secret


Hidden Data
In the source you can find vzsz1zzs4vsvo1ovo7g7v6vsg7vg1ovogg7vo1ovo4v6s6g71z1s1
If you map it like this v→11, z→2, s→5, o→0, g→9
you get - 1125212254115110101107971161159711910110997110101104116569712151

Which is decimal values - 112 52 122 54 115 110 101 107 97 116 115 97 119 101 109 97 110 101 104 116 56 97 121 51

Converting to ascii - p4z6snekatsawemaneht8ay3

then reversing it - 3ya8thenamewastakens6z4p

Using the chatlog pandora as a hint we get a new passcode 3ya8pandoras6z4p

From Predator to Prey


Dr. Bogdanovich confronts David and Mika, and reaches out to an old friend.


Hidden Data
In the source you can find

Using the hint of color #346251 you can do a columnar transposition obtaining

replace the numbers and the word scanner for ingress you get the new passcode - 9yg3ingresst4r8s

Farewell Guardian Angel


The first chapter of the novel, 'An Exotic Matter,' sent to me earlier this month by someone named Felicia Hajra-Lee has come to a close, and with it, Dr. Bogdanovich reaches Zagreb.3xw7au94xprm54ya6zt2

Is the story we have been told fact? Was Devra truly unaware of what waited for Jarvis in Zurich as the pages express?

Felicia told me there was more to the book. I'll be following up with her to see if I can get my hands on it.

In the meantime, all we can do is see if any corroborating evidence can be found.


Hidden Data
In the source you can find 3xw7au94xprm54ya6zt2
Skip every other letter and you get 3wa9xr5y6t and x7u4pm4az2
reverse the second one and replace the letter x and m for exotic and matter and you get the 2 passcodes - 2za4matterp4u7x and 3wa9exoticr5y6t

Containment. Dr.Calvin


After many days of radio silence, it seems the channel into the going-ons inside the Niantic Project has re-opened.

It seems likely that following the Jarvis event at Cupid Span, security would have been significantly heightened.

When everyone is on edge, laying low is good survival strategy.


Targets of Opportunity


This document raises an interesting question… Who was the woman with Jarvis at the train station in Zurich?

We have some information, but is it accurate? Was she chosen randomly or for a reason? Is there more to the picture than we see?


On the Trail


In the days preceding the event known as Epiphany Night, we know that Hank Johnson left the Niantic facilities in Geneva to shoot footage for his television show, Nomad.

We also know that Yuen Ni instructed Calvin to have him monitored closely.

Today, we learn the identity of the man tasked to trail Hank Johnson into the Congo Basin.


Crisis / Opportunity


The document received today offers a small glimpse into the Niantic Project's strategy for co-opting and controlling the media… I have to assume myself included.


Predators and Parasites


This leaked transcript shines a dark light on Yuen Ni's motives, state of mind, and the condition of her team, specifically Lynton-Wolfe.

In addition, earlier today a familiar face from the Sphere of Weirdness resurfaced after a long period of silence.

I have a feeling he's been doing some interesting things during his time underground…

Glitchy guy. hgfcigbccgdcgfgggc . Ping me… Let's talk….


Some Measure of Vengeance


My guess is that this conversation happened sometime within the last few weeks.

It raises a question that I've been pondering myself. When Jarvis appeared at Cupid's Span, was the message targeted at Niantic? If so, did he also appear at the portal in the lab there?

Is he confined to one specific place? One specific time? Is he among us?


A Number of Unusual Artifacts


This US Army debrief took place after an event that occurred in late 2010. It covers something known as 'The Afghanistan Anomaly,' which we've heard about before…


Picking Sides


A fleeting transmission from Devra Bogdanovich during her journey away from Niantic.


The World Went On and On


More details emerge about Hank Johnson's encounter with 'The Afghanistan Anomaly,' a place seemingly filled with a power that has attracted people to it across time.


Within the XM


This leaked email between Stein Lightman and Misty Hannah, known researchers at the Niantic Project facility, captures an idea that had not occurred to me before…

Does the Niantic Project believe that none of their members are Enlightened?


Endless Possibilities


This leaked transcript between Zeke Calvin, Yuen Ni and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe contains a nugget of truth. The real winner in any war is the arms-maker.

In addition to the transcript, an interesting piece of chatter from an Enlightenment group came my way today… What interested me most was the report that Jarvis spoke to an operative from a portal, and specifically mentioned the Viator. If you've been paying attention, you know who that is. But what does it mean to 'control the Viator?'

“I was at Cahokia Mounds… there's a portal there and it 'said' something weird… 'They who control this portal when the sun goes down on Sunday control the Viator… It sounded like Jarvis's voice. I don't know whether this is real or not, but let's find out. Enlightenment, take and hold this portal on Sunday!”


Rhythms Within Rhytms


Today we hear the musician, Enoch Dalby, describe his role at Niantic in his own words.

It seems news of the value of the portal at Cahokia Mounds is spreading, with both factions vying for control. As far as 'Controlling the Viator?' The jury is still out on what exactly that means.




I received a bundle of leaked emails and memos tracking Hank Johnson's journey into the Congo after he left the Niantic facility in late November.

I'm still sorting through everything, but I'll be sharing them with the investigative community as I piece them together.

It's a fascinating journey.


Ruins in the Jungle


In addition to the memo posted earlier today, the minutes of a meeting held by the Committee for the Development of New Science, another page from the so-called 'Congo Files.' This series of leaked documents, memos and transmissions reveals more information about Hank Johnson's exploration in the African Congo.


Rare Earth


Another page from the Congo Files.

In addition, a leaked chatlog between Zeke Calvin and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe discussing 17,000 more sensitive-identified portals coming online.


The Find of the Century


Hank Johnson expresses his concern for Agent Rosier as they venture deeper and deeper into the jungle.

I wonder what tomorrow might hold. The deadline Jarvis issued to The Enlightened is hurtling towards us, and both factions have vowed to establish a firm claim on the Cahokia Mounds at sundown tomorrow, but of course, only one will succeed.

Speaking of The Enlightened, I found this Google+ account. It claims to have information about the multiple new portals that suddently appeared at the Mounds, and how they might affect the battle tomorrow.


An Ancient Power Spot


The decisive moment is just hours away, and there are reports of dozens of agents swarming the site of Cahokia Mounds.

I received an unexpected delivery earlier today, it contained the first page of a document from long ago. One that helps explain Cahokia Mound's significance to Hank Johnson, and why it may have so much control over him.

It seems Johnson was deeply affected by his study of the area's history, and it may have been what led him to become an explorer, a traveler, and a seeker of mankind's lost past.

A Bright Fire

January 29, 2013
Original Link

The Enlightened held the portal at Cahokia Mounds. What will the net effect of that moment be? Will it be subtle or overwhelming? I don't know the answer, but I am fairly certain we will begin to understand the totality of what has just happened in the days to come.

The document I received today has disturbing overtones. It seems Misty Hannah, after being denied her request to leave the Niantic Facility for Los Angeles, attempted to escape like Devra and Jarvis but failed. She promises a world alight with the fire of Enlightenment.


Maybe We Are All Vulnerable

January 29, 2013
Original Link


Two chatlogs received today, both reveal the state of the operators inside the Niantic Project as they deal with the fallout of the Cahokia Mounds event.


An Elaborate Facade

January 30, 2013
Original Link


In addition to the photographs received earlier today, NIA Field Agent Art Bergloff captured on film picking up a dead drop in New York, another page from Hank Johnson's Congo Files.


All Around the World

January 31, 2013
Original Link

They are calling it 'International Dead Drop Day.' #deaddropday

The folks at VI reached out to me, and it seems they've been busy. Today, they plan to release all previously undiscovered Tycho storyboards in a series of drops from Japan to Hawaii the long way around the globe. I have yet to hear how they managed to get their hands on them… Over twenty drops in total, with nearly 100 Ingress Scanner Activation Codes up for grabs.

In addition to activation codes hidden in the drops themselves, the folks at VI have offered 1 additional activation code to whoever posts their discovered dead drop on Google+. So, fellow investigators, good hunting!


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