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-{{ :​resources:​the_alignment_ingress_ebook3.jpg?​300 |}} 
-The Alignment: Ingress is a novella made by [[https://​​102489350322422853902/​posts|Thomas Greanias]] the tells the adventures Conrad Yeats and Hank Johnson while looking for the mines of Queen Sheeba. \\ +[[resources:​books:aligmentingress|Detailed Dossier]] 
-;#; +---- 
-{{youtube>​B7Aad1zYEwA?medium}} +===== Ingress: The Niantic Project Files ===== 
 +{{:​resources:​books:​projectfilesvol1.jpg?300|}} {{:​resources:​books:​projectfilesvol2.jpg?​300|}} {{:​resources:​books:​projectfilesvol3.jpg?​300|}} {{:​resources:​books:​projectfilesvol4.jpg?​300|}} 
 +[[resources:​books:​nianticprojectfilesvol1|Volume 1 Detailed Dossier]] | [[resources:​books:​nianticprojectfilesvol2|Volume 2 Detailed Dossier]] | [[resources:​books:​nianticprojectfilesvol3|Volume 3 Detailed Dossier]] |  [[resources:​books:​nianticprojectfilesvol4|Volume 4 Detailed Dossier]] ​
-The book can be purchased in digital form from [[https://​​store/​books/​details?​id=Y-XHsMlaocsC&​feature=md|Google play]], [[http://​​gp/​product/​B00C4W5NVI/​ref=as_li_ss_tl?​ie=UTF8&​camp=1789&​creative=390957&​creativeASIN=B00C4W5NVI&​linkCode=as2&​tag=decing02-20|Amazon]] and other stores. \\  
-This seems to be the first in the series **The Alignment**. The name revealed so far was [[http://​​the-alignment-series|The Alignment : Federal City]], which is the same name that Thomas talked about in his [[http://​​projects/​alignment/​the-alignment-federal-city/?​ref=kicktraq|Kickstarter Campaign back in November]].\\ ​ 
-According to the info in the Alignment Insider newsletter there might be 13 novels \\  
-<WRAP center round box 90%> 
-**<fs large>​What is The Alignment?</​fs>​** \\  
-Welcome to the New World Order. ​ THEY decide which candidates you can elect. ​ What TV shows you watch. ​ Who is the One Percent. ​ What food you eat.  What prescriptions you take for the diseases they create. ​ They are The Alignment. ​ But they can't stop you from choosing the books you can read—yet: ​  The Alignment is a groundbreaking new series of 13 novels from New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias, starting with The Alignment Federal City. 
-There is also a [[http://​​user/​alignmentinsider|youtube channel]] called Alignment Insider. \\  
 ---- ----
 ===== The Niantic Project: Ingress ===== ===== The Niantic Project: Ingress =====
 Written by [[:​investigation:​characters#​felicia_hajra-lee|Felicia Hajra-Lee]] and with a comic from [[:​investigation:​characters#​tycho|Tycho]],​ it describes the events that surround [[:​investigation:​characters#​dr_devra_bogdanovich|Devra]] , [[:​investigation:​characters#​hubert_farlowe|Farlowe]] and 855 after the events in Zurich. This story before publishing was known as An Exotic Matter.\\ ​ Written by [[:​investigation:​characters#​felicia_hajra-lee|Felicia Hajra-Lee]] and with a comic from [[:​investigation:​characters#​tycho|Tycho]],​ it describes the events that surround [[:​investigation:​characters#​dr_devra_bogdanovich|Devra]] , [[:​investigation:​characters#​hubert_farlowe|Farlowe]] and 855 after the events in Zurich. This story before publishing was known as An Exotic Matter.\\ ​
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-===== THE SHAPER KEY =====+===== The Shaper Key =====
-The first extract was introduced by [[https://​​+ThomasGreanias/​posts/​dhuWqvda7x4|Thomas Greanias]] in the following post+[[resources:books:​the_shaper_key|Detail Dossier]]
-<WRAP center round box 90%> +The Shaper Key is Thomas Greanias second Ingress novel. ​ 
-IN MEMORY OF HANK JOHNSON+He announced that this book would be released using a different format from the common book . 
-OK, this is a tough one to post.  As one who likes to hold out hope for the best, and who believes nobody is truly "​dead,"​ I must now confirm that Hank Johnson has passed from this world to the next.+---- 
 +====== Tycho Comics ======
-As many of you know, Hank and I had been working on a big official novel to explain ​Ingress ​to the world in a format that would pass government redactions. ​ I had wrapped the manuscript up—or so I thought—only a few weeks ago.  But its release in its current form is in doubt as I now must pick up the pieces Hank has left behind and write a new ending.+=====Ingress ​Origins=====
-But with the Austin, Texas anomaly coming up, it seems only fitting to honor Hank and his untold work after the Cross Plains "​glyph"​ event last year.  ​+[[resources:​books:​Ingress Origins|Detail Dossier]]
-It's time that story be told. +{{:​resources:​ingressoriginscovergrande.png?300|}}
- +
-Here are the first five pages of Hank's further adventure, some of it recasting what you may already know, with more of the story you don't know to follow. +
- +
-Thomas Greanias +
-</​WRAP>​ +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
-====== Tycho Comics ====== +
- +
-Supposedly drawn by tycho we get to see bit of it  occasionally ​+
 ===== Issue 2 ===== ===== Issue 2 =====
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-{{tag>​comic}}+{{tag>​comic ​books book}}
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