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 ====== The Shaper Key ====== ====== The Shaper Key ======
 +On 26th of February Thomas [[https://​​u/​0/​+ThomasGreanias/​posts/​bgfnGmpfWPg|posted]] the following
 +<WRAP center round box 90%>
 +I'm hearing whispers that a couple of new Ingress chapters may drop within the next couple of weeks after all....
 +All of which has me wondering about an experiment I've been asked to consider, but I'd like to run it by you....
 +What would you say to a page or community that dropped a free excerpt of serialized Alignment fiction DAILY? ​
 +We are talking 300-1000 words that would be commented upon, shared and SHAPED by readers as the river of "flash fiction"​ pours forth 365 days a year. Rather than waiting 3 months for the next novella or full-length novel to go on sale.
 +And what about the option of having these selections delivered to your inbox daily? Versus having to check your notifications to read the latest and winding back through the thread for those you missed.
 +Taking your comments now while we wait for those Ingress chapters to drop in a couple of weeks....
 +This gave a hint that the next novella release would not follow the same standarts as usual and that a community would be released soon where people could see the story as it unfolded and also interact with it at some level
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