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Ingress: Origins

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Ingress: Origins Graphic Novel

Cryptozoic Entertainment

A mysterious energy called Exotic Matter (XM) has been unearthed by a team of scientists at CERN. Its origin and purpose is unknown, but they believe it has existed for centuries and it may be influencing the human mind in unknown ways. Is XM a threat or an evolutionary gift? The officially disavowed intelligence agency, the NIA, assembles a think-tank called the Niantic Project. Led by intelligence officer, Dr. Ezekiel Calvin, their goal is to study the effects of XM and the so-called 'Shaper Mind Virus' it contains. Their research leads to incredible and unexpected discoveries, many of which will dramatically alter our view of the present, the future, and perhaps even the past!

This full-color, 94 page graphic novel sets the scene for Ingress, delving into the background of Shapers, XM, and the Niantic Project. Published by Cryptozoic Entertainment, LLC; concept co-developed by Ingress Creative Lead Flint Dille.

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Overview of Story

Mentions of Comic

Tycho C.

Dec 29, 2015

When I was working on Ingress: Origins, I remember having a bunch of trouble with the onboarding interviews.

In my visions, there was always this flash… of a chamber.

I couldn't explain it at the time. I though I was seeing some kind of noise – an error, so I never drew it into the novel, because it didn't make sense.

I knew that time had passed during these onboarding interviews, 20 minutes in a flash, and things seemed strange, ominous and different, but I couldn't explain why.

Now, I'm beginning to understand.

I'm also beginning to see the onboarding interviews in a whole new light.

Klue S.

Nov 9, 2015

I wasn’t there at the Niantic Project, and Ingress: Origins has filled in a lot of gaps for me.

On of the big ones was Dr. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. There was quite a bit I didn’t know about him. What, exactly, was he doing for Hulong when Calvin snagged him? Was he there under duress or of his own volition? And what about the Power Cube test? Did he deliberately sabotage his own experiment or was it sabotaged by someone else… or was it just an accident? Read it yourself and you be the judge.

I’ve got quite a few questions about Lynton-Wolfe and maybe even Nigel Moyer if I ever get to have a conversation with either of them.

As for Lynton-Wolfe, the question is who’s side he’ll be on come November 14th.

I'll be in Hamburg on that day, might get to see some of you as well. I got a tip that some of +Carrie Campbell's old files (from the Operation: Voynich days) could still be hidden in an academic archive there. The bad news is, I've been warned that if I go after them, I'll be putting myself in a dangerous spot.

Fortunately, I have a contact there who is familiar with the world of threat and danger. He said he'll keep me covered. I trust that he knows his business. We'll find out soon enough.

Differences from previously published Tycho Comics

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