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The Alignment: Ingress

The Alignment: Ingress is a novella made by Thomas Greanias the tells the adventures Conrad Yeats and Hank Johnson while looking for the mines of Queen Sheeba.

The book can be purchased in digital form from Google play, Amazon and other stores.

This seems to be the first in the series The Alignment. The name revealed so far was The Alignment : Federal City, which is the same name that Thomas talked about in his Kickstarter Campaign back in November.

According to the info in the Alignment Insider newsletter there might be 13 novels

What is The Alignment?
Welcome to the New World Order. THEY decide which candidates you can elect. What TV shows you watch. Who is the One Percent. What food you eat. What prescriptions you take for the diseases they create. They are The Alignment. But they can't stop you from choosing the books you can read—yet: The Alignment is a groundbreaking new series of 13 novels from New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias, starting with The Alignment Federal City.

There is also a youtube channel called Alignment Insider.

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