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Welcome to the Niantic Project Wiki
What is the Niantic Project? The Investigation

At Comic-Con 2012, several videos were released involving a long haired comic book artist named Tycho. Although there was no record of the individual anywhere else, everyone seemed to know him. People came to Comic-Con to find Tycho. Big names in the business praised his amazing skill and describe him as someone who, “Whenever a franchise is lagging, they bring him in behind the scenes… And the franchise starts selling again.” Past employers seem to include Marvel, Batman Beyond, and more. Tycho has been found in videos throughout Comic-Con, handing out posters and spewing lines about Portals and Shapers. He was last seen being taken away by security during the Buck Rodgers panel. These videos went widely unnoticed.

Fast forward to November 2012, new YouTube videos are released. These are a trailhead to a larger investigation. The Niantic Project, shapers, the NIA, XM Fields, what does it all mean? This is the chronicle of our investigation. We'd like for you to help.

In an out-of-universe context, the organization behind the leaks is NianticLabs, a division of Google whose only other reported project to date is their Field Trip app. This ARG seems completely unrelated to Field Trip, and its size and complexity leads us to speculate that it is for a completely new product, which may or may not share the emphasis on geolocation.

As our investigation spans a variety of different websites and media types, we have broken down our findings into several categories for organizational purposes. Some of the larger pieces have been further split into their own pages for better documentation.

Communication Latest Updates

In order to faciliate our investigation of the Niantic Project, we have several methods of communication and collaboration:

IRC chat: Our active IRC channel is located at #niantic. Please try to keep the discussion on-topic.

IRC logs: If you've missed something in the IRC chat, you can probably find it in the chat archives.

Google Doc: For live collaboration and editing, there is also a Google Doc available.

The latest updates can always be found on the update feed.

New Information from 11/10/2012:

(Older days are available on the Timeline page.)

Resources Speculation

These pages don't directly list any investigative findings, but are rather an archive of resources that may prove useful to the investigation.

Speculation is encouraged - just don't write it down as fact. Use a speculation page if you'd like to share your ideas and theories with others.

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