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-As our investigation spans a variety of different websites and media types, we have broken down our findings into several categories for organizational purposes. Some of the larger pieces have been further split into their own pages for better documentation. 
-  * **[[Investigation:​wheretostart|New to the Wiki]]**: A quick beginners guide to how the wiki is set up and some of the items you can explore in the wiki and the Niantic Project Universe. 
-  * **[[Investigation:​Timeline]]**:​ a daily breakdown of discoveries related to the Niantic Project 
-  * **[[Investigation:​Characters]]**:​ dossiers for characters within the ARG 
-  * **[[Investigation:​alignments]]**:​ Visual guide to current alignments and project participant diagrams 
-  * **[[investigation:​characters:​Organizations|Organizations and Projects]]**:​ The Organizations and Projects involved 
-  * **[[investigation:​characters:​thirteen_magnus|13Magnus]]** 
-  * **[[investigation:​exotic_matter|Exotic Matter]]** 
-  * **[[investigation:​characters:​operation_essex|Operation Essex]]** 
-  * **[[investigation:​characters:​Themes|Themes]]** There are certain themes or repeating concepts throughout the Niantic Universe 
-  * **[[Resources:​Thoughts for the Day]]** 
-  * **[[Resources:​Words of the Day]]** 
-  * **[[Investigation:​Images]]** 
-    * **[[Investigation:​Tycho posters]]**:​ these images were painted by  
-    * **[[Investigation:​avatar gallery|Avatar galley]]**: A collection of avatar images 
-    * **[[investigation:​QR Codes]]**: discoveries related to QR codes found in the project 
-  * **[[Investigation:​Videos]]** 
-  * **[[Investigation:​Audio]]** 
-  * **[[Investigation:​Documents]]**:​ leaked internal Niantic documents 
-    * **[[investigation:​documentsearch]]**:​ Page for searching through the wiki 
-    * **[[investigation:​tagdefinitions]]**:​ List of tags and definitions 
-  * **[[Investigation:​Apps]]** 
-    * **[[Investigation:​Apps#​Ingress|Ingress]]**:​ new mobile app by NianticLabs@Google 
-    * **[[Investigation:​Apps#​field_trip|Field Trip]]**: discoveries related to the [[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.nianticproject.scout|Field Trip app]] by NianticLabs ​   ​ 
-  * **[[investigation:​apps:​ingress:​events|Ingress Anomaly Events]]** 
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