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-^Task^Date added^is the task being worked on or completed (with date)^ +==== Project Ideas ==== 
-|Begin reformatting ​the [[http://​​investigation:​timeline|timelines]] ​to better follow the chain of events | Nov. 6, 2013 | currently worked ​on by docwho2100 - could use others ​to help| + 
-|work on the [[http://​​investigation:​characters:​lore|Lore overview]]|Nov 6 2013 | | +Have a project that would be good for the wiki? Something need cleaned up, fixed or organized? ​ Add it here OR want to work on a project? ​ Take an idea from here and start working (make sure to remove it from this list and add it to the Project list below. 
-|work on the [[http://​​investigation:​exotic_matter|Exotic Matter]]|Nov 18 2013 | | + 
-|create transcripts for documents and videos|Nov 18 2013 | | +  * work on updating ​the [[http://​​investigation:​characters:​lore|Lore overview]] ​- make sure to use only canon facts and cite your references using other documents and footnotes 
-|create project overview/​timeline quick glance guide|Nov 18 2013 | +  ​* ​work on the [[http://​​investigation:​exotic_matter|Exotic Matter]] ​- make sure to use only canon facts and cite your references using other documents and footnotes 
-|work on San Saba/HPL/REH story links and arc (based ​on post by Dr. Wright|Nov 18 2013 | |+  ​* ​create transcripts for documents and videos 
 +  ​* ​create project overview/​timeline quick glance guide 
 +==== Projects in Progress ==== 
 +^Project^Who is working on this task^completed or in progress
 +|Begin reformatting the [[​investigation:​timeline|timelines]] to better follow the chain of events | currently worked ​on by docwho2100 - could use others to helpin progress last updated Feb, 2014 | 
 +|Adding new format structure to documents - adding detailed dossier and consistent page formatting as well as tags |Leaked Documents worked on by docwho2100 and docwho2100 adding tags to develop tag system anole is working on others - need to make sure all detailed dossiers have consistent format | in progress last update Feb. 2014 |
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