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Congratulations on stumbling down the rabbit hole. This wiki is created and maintained by fans and has no official tie to the Niantic Lab. That means there are many missing pieces just waiting to be filled in by an agent just like yourself.

What Do I Do First

How Is the Wiki Organized






I Want to Help Edit the Wiki

Welcome and thank you for wanting to help. Documenting and archiving is a huge task and there can never be enough help. There are so many pieces to be documented, added, formatted and indexed, that more helping hands are always a plus.

Before just jumping in, you will want to do a few things:

  • Look through all of the wiki to make sure you have a handle on the structure
  • Check the Question About the Wiki page and see if someone has already mentioned what you want to alter. You can also leave a question there or a comment.
  • Check the Wiki To-do List to see if there is something on there you would like to work on, or add a suggestion
  • Look over the files in the Media Manager before adding files as there may already be a copy of what you are adding
  • Add links to any person, place or thing that has a wiki page the square brackets are your friends :)
  • Try to keep speculation and bias comments out of a wiki page, ideally a wiki is just to catalog and index, you can check out the speculation pages if you have that form of comment.
  • Before deciding to do a “major” overhaul or change to a page or category, talk to some of the others currently working on the wiki

People to help and talk to about editing the wiki (feel free to add your name to this list if willing to help with the wiki editing)


What is the Niantic Project

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