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(The Acolyte stands in a sunny forest and speaks - she is dressed in black with her hair up)

Acolyte - “His name is Roland Jarvis… and he is dead.”

(image of video clip of crowd at anomaly site)

Acolyte - “We knew there would be consequences for allowing the Resistance to reach the Darsana Point… but we didn't know what they would be. We knew the beacons would draw the N'Zeer (image of beacons), but we felt safe…because the 13Magnus portal where Hank Johnson's body lies (image of Hank's cave) blocked their ingress into our world. But the Resistance was stronger than we had expected, and anti-magnus was craftier than we thought.”

(image of Jahan)

Acolyte - “They led Hank Johnson into an insidious trap, clouding his thoughts, and for the first time we saw the Shonin Stone.”

(image of Hank and Jahan discussing the stone)

“They lured Devra Bogdonovich into unleashing the xm innoculation on herself. (image of Devra walking alone) They tried to destroy her, but she survived, perhaps to undo the destruction she wrought.”

(near tears) “And they reduced our leader, Roland Jarvis, to a shadow of himself (video clip of jarvis being dragged into a doorway), passing the torch to me, his acolyte. Everything rests on what happens at the 13Magnus nest in Afghanistan.”

(cut to overhead video feed of mountainous region)

Calvin - “Ok… update me..”

Operator - “At 2230, Jahan, Hank Johnson, Azmati, and 4 guards entered the anomaly site. We detected several other teams in the area and issued a stand down order.”

Calvin - “I know about Glass and Lynton-Wolfe.”

(cut to close up view of Devra and Farlow laying on the ground in the mountains)

Operator - “Also present were Hubert Farlowe and Devra Bogdonovich, we believe Farlowe is attempting to take out Jahan, we hacked his scope images.”

(cut to thermal image of four figures)

Calvin - “Farlowe stood down?”

Operator - “When directed to do so by Bogdonovich.”

Calvin - “What is the current status?”

Operator - “These images are from Bogdonovich's camera.”

Calvin - “Give me the overhead! Let me see the xm fields! (cuts back to overhead view, this time showing a green portal)… same as always. It appears that Jahan's Shonin summoning failed. It looks like… (a green field explodes from the portal)… what the hell is happening?”

Operator - “We've got interference… Director Calvin, can you hear me?”

(cuts to Devra and Farlowe, Devra sits up, looking at her hands, shaking)

Devra - “…it's just…!”

Operator - “Can you hear me?!”

(devra vanishes, farlowe looks around frantically)

Farlowe - “…Devra?!”

(cuts to video of Azmati)

Azmati - “Hello Hank. I'm sorry things had to end this way, but I knew what my fate was when I started this journey, and I have no regrets. This is the only way to foil antimagnus. My life… is a small price to pay for this. You have always been destined to be the leader of 13Magnus… (pauses pensively)… good bye… my friend.”

(Cut to Acolyte standing by the seashore at sunset, she now wears a loose dress in green, blue, and orange and her hair is down)

Acolyte - “You see the waves… I see the water…” (smiles)

(stands with arms outstretched, waves rush in, end)


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