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The Acolyte and Student - Devra's Fate



Student - So what does it mean that devra has disappeared and is now in the portals… what's happening?

Acolyte - Nothing has changed for her, only… the medium is different; the pattern persists.

Student - So are you saying she's still alive?

Acolyte - You need to rethink your definitions… what does 'alive' mean?

Student - That she's still.. functioning… that she's still devra.

Acolyte - Think about yourself. Are you the same person you were a year ago? Five years ago? At what point is the change so great (bells) that you are a different entity?

Student - Yes… well not really… I'm not exactly sure who i was 5 years ago.

Acolyte - You are a pattern; your body, your mind… it persists in the cells of your body but those cells change. Some die. New ones grow. The thoughts in your mind echo from day to day. The neural pathways are similar, yet they also morph and change. (italic text indicates Acolyte and Student speaking together)

Student - So I'm always changing?

Acolyte - The wave moves through the water. We see it as one thing. It has a shape, it has a life. But really it's just a pattern in the water. Energy moving through a medium. Always evolving, never the same.

Student - And we are no different?… Why are you smiling?

Acolyte - 'The ultimate', what I know of it, is also just a medium. Like the one here.

Student - And Devra is in it.

Acolyte - Yes. The pattern has been transfered. But (bells) she exists.

Student - But her body… what happened to it? Her flesh and blood seemed to just… disappear.

Acolyte - You must question your assumptions. What do you really know about Devra Bogdanovich?

Student - I never met her… The video… I saw her there and then she was just gone. Just like Hank Johnson in that video last year.

Acolyte - Just like Hank Johnson.

Student - So the fragments of Devra… if we control them, we control her.

Acolyte - Devra was… misguided. She feared our friends.

Student - Why? (bells) What did she fear?

Acolyte - She was manipulated. She conducted experiemnts. But her… subjects… were disturbed. They experienced deep immersion in exotic matter but…they had no teachings to guide them. Some of them became unstable, and they resorted to violence to quiet their minds.

Student - But arent the shapers trying to help us?

Acolyte - (cuts her off) Do not use the word 'shaper'…please. That is an NIA term. Our friends… wish to explore us…our minds, (bells) all aspects of our minds, even the dark ones. That is why we study. Why we learn how to calm our minds before we seek them out.

Student - But Devra… if we move her fragments to our portal, to our Enlightened portal, can we help her? Can we calm her mind?

Acolyte - Yes. It's possible that Devra may not survive, but Jarvis said that we must try. If she does survive, Devra will see the world in a (bells) new way. She will see the beauty and peace that can be found.

Student - Then we must succeed. We must organize the others. (bells)


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