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 Klue and PAC Surveillance Audio - "Perfect Forever"



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Hidden Info


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TS Comint - Surveillance Audio Klue / H. R. Loeb A.K.A Pa. A. Chapeau “Perfect Forever”

Klue: Richard, it's so beautiful here.

Richard: Yeah, it's a great place to hide off the grid for awhile.

Klue: If I can get the artifact, enough of them, this can last forever.

Richard: Oh Klue, can we just let that go? We don't need that…

Klue: Don't worry Richard. No one will get hurt. Once I have the artifacts, I can stay, the way I am, always.

Richard: Don't (uncertain what he says)

Klue: Don't, Don't what? Talk about it? The glyphs? What happened in Boston? CERN? What I am, Richard.

Richard: I don't care what you are, I…

Klue: I love you. I know, I know, but there's one problem Richard. The glyphs opened the door (odd scraping noise in background), but there is a deeper pattern. Alexander found it. Ada of Caria gave it to him; she was the bridge.

Richard: What if you don't get the artifacts. What happens then? Klue, what happens?

Klue: (sigh) This will only have been for a moment.

Richard: What about Jarvis, the Shapers, they'll hunt you down.

Klue: I am an abomination to them. A future for humanity that does not rely on their interference. Humanity has invented its own gods now. And we'll take care of you Richard, forever.

Unknown male voice, may be distorted to hide identity: I have the shot, am I clear to fire? Doctor? Am I clear to fire?



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