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OLS: Escape from the Compound


OLW: You can put the gun down you know. I'm on your side. 
MAZZ: Eyes on the road doctor. I'll decide whose side you're on.
OLW: I've had a change of heart. Why'd you get me out of there?
MAZZ: You're the only one who can help Hank. Time is running out.
OLW: Flattered. What do you possibly think that I can do?
MAZZ: The 13Magnus chamber. Hank thinks there is a bypass. A way to keep his memories intact. It involves 
dark XM.
OLW: I'm intrigued.
MAZZ: If I were Hank, I wouldn't trust you, I'd kill you, right now. Hank wants to give this a shot so, get 
your eyes back on the road and follow my instructions. Got it?


Hidden Information

Hidden Information

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