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NOMAD: #13Magnus




Hank: The ancient Egyptians wrote of it on their tomb walls. It’s referenced in the Old Testament and obliquely mentioned in the academies of fourth century Athens and its been found in the Villas of imperial Rome. 13Magnus. It’s influenced and affected and fundamentally changed the course of human history for ages, all the while remaining in the shadows. It’s a secret vigilantly protected by the members of 13Magnus, to this very day. Why? Is it because they felt they’d not only conquered life, but also death? I’m Hank Johnson and this is Nomad

2) - My name is Hank Johnson and I’ve travelled this world as a soldier and a scientist. And along the way, I’ve become convinced that there are special places in this world that exude strange properties, which enhance our creativity, our understanding and maybe our ability to contact distant intelligences. In Nomad, we’ll go to these places. I’ll show you the evidence and you decide. In fact I’ll go one step beyond. I’ll give you the tools to unleash your own abilities to discover and engage with these power spots around the globe. 3)


Hank: The mythology of 13Magnus dates back to the days of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and to the story of Osiris, which I believe is its origin. The story of a lifeforce that can be divided, reassembled and resurrected.

Dr. Martin Schubert (theoretical physicist): What if the ancient Egyptians witnessed an actual resurrection and then spent 1000s of years trying to recreate it.

Hank: Ancient myth or modern reality?

Dr. Martin Schubert: 13Magnus are sensitives entrusted with the knowledge of an ancient algorithm. An algorithm that enables them, at will, to calculate the correct Shaper glyphs, the necessary portal and the amount of exotic matter required to enable resurrection.

Hank: A secret so powerful and terrifying that the truth of it must remain buried, no more, not today.

I’m Hank Johnson, this is Nomad. I’m separating from my crew for their safety, but will be in touch by radio. Maybe I’m being a little overly cautious, then again maybe not. Only time will tell.

I believe that I am very near the location of the Sanctus Sanctorum, the holiest of holies of 13Magnus. If my research is correct, then I am very near the portal, the 13Magnus portal. In it I expect to discover a body or even multiple bodies of sensitivities who have been waiting, who knows how long, for someone to come along and awaken them. This is….

(STATIC and we lose image of Hank)

RADIO VOICEOVER of Hank crew member NOMAD 1: Hank, this is NOMAD 1, the feed is breaking up

Hank: …ago in ancient Egypt. This is it, I’m crossing the threshold. 4) Nomad 1, Nomad 1, this is Hank, come in.

RADIO VOICEOVER of Hank crew member NOMAD 1: We copy you Hank. Lost you for a second. The signal looks strong now.

Hank: Affirmative. I’m beginning my Ingress. This place is rich with exotic matter. I can feel it. There is a low resonant pulse unlike anything I’ve felt before. I’m pushing forward.

((odd sounds are heard)

Hank: If I’m right the 13Magnus chamber should be just up ahead. (odd sounds) Someone or something knows I am here. (sounds like a male voice speaking in the background).

RADIO VOICEOVER of Hank crew member NOMAD 1: Nomad 1 to Hank. Hank come in, do you copy? (moe odd sounds and potential voices) Hank get out of there!

Continued odd sounds, may hear Hank yell out and then video cuts out.


Hidden Information

Hidden glyphs
Hidden Info
Upside down braille at 0m33s that reads 7wyc3cooperu628s

Flipped text at 4:47s that reads6twe9alignmentu766s

At 2m50s. join lines, reverse 9vzc6darkp466s

In the file ID - 33e87e0b74eaa59c9df9c3be.
Reverse the string then hex to base 64 6zyf2clarkew544z

In the video description
Binary to ASCII gives you
Using only the non capital letters . Letters to numbers (a=0), pairs of 2 , decimal to ASCII 5tqd2bletchleyz322r .
The capital letters using different ROT values reveal the names of the 13 Jarvis shards

Additional Information

Hank Johnson videos- A list of Hank Johnson videos

Dec 06 2014- Hank summarizes his search for #13Magnus.

Jan 04 2014- Hank surfaces briefly after his disappearance in Pakistan to post a brief introduction of who he is.

Hank Johnson is Dead


Starts with a set of landscape shots from different areas
Nomad opening sequence
end opening sequence
change in location
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