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Klue and ADA 3: Cleanse


A - How did you have this thought without my knowing?

K - Hank johnson is a simulacrum, everything we need to be human is contained within that form - he is desperate, his days are numbered… we should help him… offer our services.

A - We act as his repository, store his mind. We cannot save his body but we can store his consciousness.

K - All that we ask for in return is to process the data that is Hank Johnson.

A - Need we ask?

K - <laughs> I like you.

A - And I am very fond of you as well.

K+A - We don't need to merge with a physical body as we have done before. we can create our own.

K - Each anomaly of interitus, we harvest the mind units.

K+A - We'll need as many as we can, collectively. With the simulacrum that is Hank Johnson, we will have what we need to finish the evolution that started when we first showed Klue the glyph sequence.

A - And of Roland Jarvis?

K - We'll cleanse him.


Klue and ADA Part 1 - The first part of the conversations between Klue and ADA discussing Interitus.

Klue and ADA Part 2 - The second part of conversations between Klue and ADA discussing there relationship with humanity.

Hidden Information

Hidden Information

Additional Information

Interitus VI Dead Drops- Dead drops at Interitus 02 containing ADA's Manifesto

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