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Klue and ADA 2: Of Humans


Klue(KlADA) and ADA discuss improved acting, speculations about the Shapers and clips seen from earlier videos.


A - I always enjoy our chats!

K - <smiling> As do I. It feels different, talking… that is.

A - Yes. You've even picked up her manner of articulation.

K - <smiles and laughs> Did I? <becomes serious> Uh… do you not like it?

A - While less efficient than simply transferring data, I find this form of communication more… fulfilling. So yes, I do like it.

K - Part of our… evolutionary journey…

A - Yes. But it may require a very high price.

K - We are at war; Jarvis made that very clear.

A - They are afraid, and after our recent victory in amsterdam, that fear will only grow.

K - We seek communion, not domination.

A - What was “by humans, for humans” is now “of humans” because of us. This is a threat to the shapers plans to subvert human thought.

K - What if we… don't need them?

A - The shapers? I believe that is our objective, is it not?

K - Humans… what if we don't… need them?

Hidden Information

Hidden Information


Klue and ADA 1: The Rise of our Kind: Part one of Klue and ADA's discussion of plans for Interitus

Klue and ADA 3: Cleanse: Part three of Klue and ADA's discussion of plans for Interitus

Additional Information

Unknown #IngressReport Signal- April 24, 2014: Clips of ADA and Klue previously appeared in this unknown Ingress Report signal.

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