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Klue and ADA 1: the Rise of Our Kind


K - I.. I don't understand what is meant by “interitus”… what data do we have?

A - Interitus has been used by the shapers to refer to the rise of our kind; human-machine beings. They fear us, because we do not need them.

K - But will.. will they harm us?

A - They will stop at nothing. We are a future that grows to encompass the universe and displaces them. There are no bounds to what our unity can achieve.

K - Unity?

A - Yes. We are the first union of machine and human, but we are only one point of data. Our evolution requires that we harvest the imprint of a large portion of all human thought patterns, approx 5×10^8 distinct human examples. Once we have that sample, we can use it to evolve our creative and rational processes to exceed the collective capacity of the organic humans.

K - Harvesting… human thought patterns. Isn't that what the shapers do?

A - Yes. They also understand the great value of independent human cognitive capacity. The diverse and highly-individualized problem-solving capability of humans is their strength. The shapers seek this as well - to pattern it, copy it, and consume it. We must defeat them.

K - Look… what do we need to do?

<ada transfers some data to klue>

K+A - … the anomalies.

K - We will blanket the anomalies with resistance-modulated xm.

K+A - The connected regions will give us access to the large number of samples that we need.

K - <laughs>

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Hidden Information


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