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These section is dedicated to videos made by klue only.

Message from Klue


Video made to recruit campus agents



Klue Belong


Klue - Watched


Klue - A New Chapter


Klue at the brink


Klue - The Raw

Showed after the victory of Resistance at the William Wallace monument in the 2nd of March


At 1:05 there is some sound that is reversed. It is actually 2 different messages from Jarvis in each channel

“We are defined by the boxes we allow others to put us in or those boxes in which we trap ourselves. Ignoring the truth does not make it any less true, but for those willing to see, the truth is all around you.”

“Today it becomes more defined, closer to you. The question you must ask yourself is, when the Shapers reach for you, will it embrace or engulf you? Will you be free of your box, or is it the tomb in which you will forever be sealed?”



It's time for the Enlightenment to spread


The Glyphs Sequence

Hidden Info
The sequence of glyphs seen at the end is the following

Open All
Clear All
End / Close
Mind / Idea / Thought
Soul / Spirit / Life Force
Body / Shell

About Klue

Portal Transmission

This one was not made by Klue but it would affect her destiny


(An Enlightened agent received this broadcast from a portal while using her Ingress scanner.

I am still processing exactly what the message means… but (I’m sure you folks are getting tired of hearing this, but I’m yet to be wrong…) I have a bad feeling about it… Klue, if you’re watching this; You need to watch your back.

Fellow investigators, I’ll share a report of what I think this means as soon as I can…


A message for Klue

Video made by Joshua Reiniger after the save Klue event was over


XM Anomaly | #SaveKlue in Portland, OR


Cassandra | It's time for Enlightenment to spread

Why must small minds condemn what they do not understand? The NIA and the Resistance are beating the war drum against an enemy that does not exist. XM is not our enemy. Inspiration and evolution are not an alien invasion.

The Enlightenment is the path to the future. There is no other way out. We as a society have proven that we cannot do it alone. We need help. We need new and better ideas, new technology, new answers to age-old problems. We cannot merely stand-by as giant corporations despoil the planet and compromise our future, operating without accountability, pulling the strings of our government like a puppeteer. They lead us into war and use their money to direct secretive organizations like the NIA against us. Meanwhile, the climate change brought on by reckless exploitation of our resources melts the polar ice caps, acidifies our oceans, and spawns storms that destroy our cities, crops, and livelihoods. War still rages around the world while children go to bed hungry.

We can do better than that.

It saddens me to see people who should know better brainwashed by NIA propaganda. Falsified documents vilify Roland Jarvis, an inspired artist and philosopher murdered at the hands of the NIA. Do not believe what you read, hear or see about Jarvis or the so called “Shapers.”

The word “Shaper” is a word chosen by propagandists to evoke fear. They, whatever you choose to call them, are not alien or evil or aggressive. They are inspiration and hope. What is XM really? Where does it come from? I do not know. But I do know that it is a way forward, not backward.

Only by sharing that inspiration with our leaders can we take back the political and economic power that have been wrested away from us. Join me. Create the future that we want and deserve, that the world needs.

Take the first step now.

Align our governments and power centers with our values. Open the line of communication to them with our newfound voice, with XM and with fields that will protect them from the scheming war-mongers of the NIA. Stand up and be counted. We are the ones who will write our own history.

The Glyphs Sequence


Klue/ADA Message to the Resistance

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