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#IngressReport Raw Feed 5/15/2014- EP 58


I detect a large quantities of XM in your future.

0:07 Roland Jarvis 0:27 Susanna Moyer talks about the 13Magnus assassination of Alan Turing 5:32 Devra Bogdanovich discusses her proposed innoculation


Hidden Information

Hidden Information
Pictures of members of the Niantic Project

Pictures of NL1331

Video footage of NL1331 hidden in the report. The last bit of footage is hidden after the subscribe credits preceded by ADA saying the word “Viator”

Operation Essex analysis of Bookshelf message

“When one commits to this undertaking, he not only puts his life into the mercurial will of the sea, but his mind is turned over to the mercies and horrors of itself. It is this latter point that the circumnavigator fears. All the waves and wind in the seven seas contain not the power and horror of the dark corners of the human mind, the fear of life and the inherent lack thereof.”

Excerpt from Sea[sic], by Sean Landers, oil on linen, 1995

Additional Information

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