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Ingress Report (Episode 55) - Unknown #IngressReport Signal




A collection of just the Susanna Moyer clips from the video link


Susanna Moyer with an update. I've been looking for my father in all the likely places, with no leads other
than a single word, Interitus. A former colleague of his said that Interitus was a term that came up while he 
was working on the ECHELON projects. I'll continue looking for him as the London anomaly occurs. I expect to 
see some of you there. Update. it appears Interitus was a term that came up before ECHELON. It emerged during 
ENIGMA, It was a code that was never cracked. The curious thing is that even after the War when secrets were 
revealed, nobody, not even the German code masters, knew what it meant.

Agent Lukas Lentz has collected a number of frames and examined the report post

Hidden Information

Hidden Information

Additional Information

The posting from X - Original Link

Broadcast received @ 13:31 UTC.

A stream of images from sources known and unknown. +Klue S. and ADA speak in hushed tones. +November Lima's secrets revealed in harsh light. +Hulong Transglobal shares their most precious intel for the coming #Interitus Anomaly on April 26th, and breadcrumbs left by +Susanna Moyer lead us further along the path to rescue her father, Nigel Moyer.

There is no known sender of this Raw Feed, and only one direction I can interpret: Travel further… deeper down the rabbit hole.


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