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Ingress Report Episode 52


0:19 #Recursion XM Anomaly reca 2:28 1,000 Agents in Berlin fight to capture Anomaly Portals, Breaking News re: upcoming Anomaly Series in text crawl
2:44 Resistance capture #Recursion Berlin
3:15 Elite V Agents @Morka and @Vicinext show their support for global Enlightened
4:03 +Sarita Hays interviews Agents on the ground
4:50 Enlightened capture global MU count, Regional Score, and #Recursion LA
6:25 Resistance secure 5 Artifacts for ADA, and the #Recursion XM Anomaly Series


XM Anomaly sequence for April -June 2014 announced in the tickertape April 12

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands P
  • Glasgow, UK (S)
  • Malaga Spain (S)

April 26

  • Flagstaff, Arizona US (P)
  • London, UK (P)
  • Salt Lake city, Utah US
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado US
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Frankfurt Germany

May 10

  • Sante Fe New Mexico US (P)
  • Tohoku Japan (P)
  • Cheyenne wyoming US (S)
  • Soeul, South Korea (S)
  • Bejing China (s)
  • Helena Montana US

May 17

  • Kansas City Missouri US (P)
  • Melbourne Australia (P)
  • Sioux Falls South Dakota US (S)
  • Madison Wiscounsin US (S)
  • Brisbane, Australia (S)
  • Auckland New Zealand (S)

June 7

  • Cincinatti Ohio US
  • Santiago, Chile P
  • Asheville North Carolina US
  • Birmingham Alabama US
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • San Jose, Costa Rica

June 21

  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania US (P)
  • St. Petersburg Russia (P)
  • Hoboken New Jersey US(S)
  • Jacksonville, Florida US (S)
  • Krakow Poland (S)
  • Bergen, Norway (S)
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