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Ingress Report EP 48


Recursion 03

A united Resistance capture their third straight Anomaly in Nashville, Mobile and Little Rock.

RIP Hank Johnson

Moyer reports on +Hank Johnson's death.

New Artifacts

Three new Artifacts manifest: Past, Present and Future.

XM Vaults

XM Vaults in Austin, TX may contain ancient Relics.

Tech News

Tech News: New Scanner Enhancements include ability to view name of dropped Portal Keys, Remote View, more granular Comm and improved zoom UI.

Operation BlueOasis

Operation #BlueOasis - A vacation turns into a massive joint operation and the discovery of new family.

Elite V

Elite V Update - The Agents prepare for the #Recursion Caravan. cu

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
In the description 7tmy7aframv9d3v

In the annotations at 2m16s - 7uka9globalq7w4f

In the annotations at 4m54s - 7fba9phillipsj6g4z

Additional Information

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