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Ingress Report EP 45


Update v1.45.1

Scanner update v1.45.1 brings a recharger medal and an optional verified badge.

Glyph Game Teaser

Future Update may expose agents to Shaper Glyphs.

Resistance overwhelm Enlightened 5:1 at #DICE2014

Hank Johnson and ADA's goals

Hank and ADA seek artifacts hidden around the world that were sought by Alexander the Great. When gathered they are believed to grant immortality. The #Recursion Artifacts, will be captured in 'Time-Limited' Portals. Details emerging.

Operation Harald Hårfagre

Operation Harard Hårfagre claims 2M MU for Enlightened in Northern Europe.

Operation Pandora's Box

In Amsterdam, Operation Pandora's Box captures 983 Portals to create massive L8 farm.

Portal of the Week

Portal of the Week: Chess Board in Germany.


Susanna: “We can't tell them what really happened out there. If we do, we'll lose what support we have.”

Voice: “Then lie.”

Hidden Information

Hidden Info
In the description 2xxe6bedlamh8b6y

In the annotations at 1m19s - 3dpb7beno3u2n

In the annotations at 4m35s - 2yrt5intelb6u9r

In the annotations at 4m46s - 3bds6wolfeo8s5s

Additional Information

Housekeeping: Someone who's name is redacted called Ken Owen to dispose of the body that Susanna

Unlucky The body of a gangster, “Lucky” Louise was found in the desert. This may be the body that Susanna refers to in the DICE2014 clip.

Klue/ADA's message to the Resistance KlADA declares her commitment to the Resistance in opposing Jarvis.

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