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Ingress Report Episode 43

Posted on January 30, 2014

Elite V Agents Revealed


Elite V Agents Revealed

0:21 The Elite V are a team of international Agents from both Factions that have made significant positive contributions to the global Ingress community:

Agent Vicinext | Enlightened | Russia

“Hello, Eagles. Moscow here.” Agent Vicinext (AKA The Crazy Russian AKA +Vitaly Kabernik) helped coordinate the movement of 5 Jarvis Shards from Siberia to San Francisco, CA. An accomplished Operator and Strategist, Vicinext also works with the Event Masters Team (EMT) and Ingress Broadcast Russia to relay news of local Ops to the global Agent community.


Agent TheBaMs | Resistance | Germany

Agent TheBaMs (AKA Papa Schlumpf AKA +RaMs BaMs) founded the Ingress Resistance Hamburg community on Google+ and hosts regular meetups to connect Agents and grow the local Cell. He mentors and encourages new recruits as they level up, and is infamous for neutralizing Enlightened Portals. “Bamsen” is a local synonym for attacking enemy Portals.


Agent Morka | Enlightened | France

The author of TUTORIEL INGRESS, a French-language Field Guide for Ingress, Agent Morka (AKA The Frenchman AKA +Damien Mórka) leads by example. 8AM Breakfast Farms are now routine thanks to Morka’s promises of HiLVL Xmps and Resonators. The warm croissants and pain au chocolat also help.


Agent fourfootseven | Enlightened | Australia

“I need you to do something.” Agent fourfootseven (AKA The Connector AKA +Rai Molki) works tirelessly across languages, borders, and time zones to identify and connect the best Agents for global Operations. Considered by some as the mother of global Enlightened security, fourfootseven is further proof that good things come in small packages.


Agent Portalyst | Resistance | USA

Agent Portalyst (AKA Chuck Norris AKA +Linda Besh) has been sighted at most North American XM Anomalies, and recruits new Agents in every city she visits. In addition to her efforts in the field, she works with the Investigator community and groups like Operation Essex to decipher leaked documents and transcripts.


Thank you to every Agent who submitted an application for Elite V or nominated an Agent from their Cell.

Operation Bi Polar

1:21 Indiana Resistance establish 100-layer Field in Operation Bi Polar

Operation Four Corners

1:51 Las Vegas and SLC Resistance execute Operation Four Corners

Operation Blue Nightmare

2:14 Operation Blue Nightmare links Haiti and Dominican Republic

Upcoming Anomaly series

2:36 Sources link ADA and +Hank Johnson to upcoming series of XM Anomalies 3:11 ADA requests removal of Omnivore shielding to search for Artifacts

Announcing DICE2014

3:33 Operation #DICE2014 ( in Las Vegas

Share your SITREPs, Agent intel, and significant Portals with the #IngressReport hashtag, then sign the release at

Portal of the Week

3:49 POTW: Einstein Mural in Los Angeles

Tech News

4:12 Tech News: v1.44.0 adds new visualizations when fielding and neutralizing Portals; Agents receive Field Kit upon leveling up; home screen widget displays Regional Score for the Cell you are currently located in

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Hidden Info


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