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Hank Johnson Video-diary Revealed!




I've been wandering the streets of Berlin. I've seen many things familiar to me: the embassy, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate. I have clear memories of a surveillance training exercise in 1993; felt like a game for us at the time. Little did I know that friends would later die because they, they didn’t play it well enough. What I don’t know is why I’m here. The trip to the cave it, it doesn’t make sense. So I’ve been walking, thinking, step by step trying to clear away the noise. I know there’s a message for me. Maybe it’s in the portals. I just need to see through the wave to the water.

Sometimes messages come to me. Usually as images, just a snapshot, like a, like a frame lifted from a movie. Often they come when I’m near portals. Lately I’ve been seeing glyphs as well. Sometimes I’m in the images, but, but I’m not seeing myself from my own perspective. I’m seeing myself from someplace else; from the portal looking back at me. It’s me I’m seeing, but it’s not me. It’s a different reality. Sometimes the things I see, well, they happen. I see them before they happen. That’s saved my life more than once. In Afghanistan I walked into the U.N. office in Kabul. The guard standing outside the Director’s office caught my eye. In that moment I knew he was going to use his AKA to shoot everyone in the room. The day before I’d seen a single image while I was meditating, his face looking over at me as he fired his weapon. When I recognized him in the office, I didn’t say anything, I just left. I was only a little startled when I heard him empty the clip behind me. I should have stopped him, but I didn’t trust the visions so much then. Now I do.

What I don’t understand is why? What do they want me to do? Why are they talking to me? I know they’ve made civilizations great. I’m certain they were whispering to Alexander even as he marched to his death, but why me? Jarvis is not them. He’s not what they are. He hears them like I do. Sees visions, I’m sure of it. I think he really died that night in Zurich. What he is now, I’m starting to think I know that too. And that’s what scares me. And so I’m here. There’s one man who knows the answer, Azmati. He was there the first time. He saw what happened and he left. Why? Why didn’t he wait for me? What did he see? I think I know. That’s where I’m going now. God and the lot together And if I’m right, God and the lot together can’t help me if I’m right.


Hidden Information

Hidden Glyphs

The glyphs for you and me are seen at 1m05s
Hidden Info
In the description
. ----- .--- ---.. --. --. --.- ... -.-. ...-- -.-- - --. -----

Reverse, swap dots with dashes and vice versa and read as morse 5def2coldd7v5t


In the video tags - 4dfke7kvrrr88az
Groups of 3. Read down the columns 4kkr8devraf7r8z

Pairs of numbers to letters 00=a
Capital letters to numbers A=0
make pairs for the numbers (remember which one is the initial d )
13 l 21 22 21 jl 22 17 21 09 21 19 20 04 d 19 19 d 20
numbers to capital letters 00=A
initial lowercap d to number d=3
Base64 to ASCII

Additional Information

Berlin Cross-Faction

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