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Hank Johnson is Dead



Frame by Frame Analysis
Lukas Lentz's Frame by Frame Analysis- The reflection on the shiney jar shows someone who may be Hank Johnson as the camera man, bullet holes on the body and glyphs near the bullet holes.

David Timothy's Frame by Frame analysis-

Hidden Information

Hidden Info

Additional Information

Dec 06 2014- Hank summarizes his search for #13Magnus.

NOMAD:13Magnus Hank films an episode of NOMAD about discovery of the 13Magnus stronghold, but the episode ends abruptly shortly after he enters the cave.

Jan 04 2014- Hank surfaces briefly after his disappearance in Pakistan to post a brief introduction of who he is.

Hank Johnson's video-diary revealed! Hank discusses the aftermath his experiences in Pakistan.

List of Hank Johnson videos

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