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Flint's Posts

Flint posted the following in the Operation Essex Community Hangout on August 20, 2016

Flint/Essex Hangout Log - complete log

Flint/Essex Hangout Log - just flint communication

Flint Dille posted on August 20. 2016 the following: INGRESS ACTIVITY: So I’m on the move. Got a tip from a source that something is going on between the New Wave and the NIA around 8:00 PST tonight. I’ll try and stream. Could be big. Watch the threads.

He then posted: In Position. Things are about to happen. At least it feels that way. Will share coordinates when I get them

Flint's Analysis of Events

At the end of the broadcasts, Flint sharedthis post: Made it out and back. Got a glimpse of P.a. and Devra heading down a dark walkway, away in the complex. A motion detection light caught them as they were leaving. I saw a lot of cameras around, so do not be surprised if more footage surfaces.

I'm still processing my thoughts, but here is what I think was happening. Devra was out on a date with another new professor. He may or may not have been NIA. Don't know. In any case, the NIA either had him wired or was bugging the area. Resistance New Wave hacked their feeds and built a feed of their own and kept forwarding it to me – I was moving it to Essex. I do not know if there were other feeds or where they were posted.

I conclude that they were Resistance new wave because the 'Waiter' was wearing a blue tech enhancement near his neck. We knew they were coming. I suspect they are here. It is all about resurrecting Ada. To be honest, I thought this mission was going to be about the mysterious fate of +Susanna Moyer, but it was not.

Chapeau, at some point, interceded and extracted Devra. They left.

Is this consistent with what +Operation Essex discovered?


In the comments of that post, Flint mentions - “10h flint dille As I said to Essex, I can't blame +Edgar Allan Wright for this one. I think I was lured there by Resistance New Wave. My suspicion is that they're making a massive covert push on next week's anomalies. They want Ada back and they want the Ada Refractors back.”

Edgar Allan Wright's Posts

Edgar posted the following on August 20, 2016 - Clearly, something is afoot. +flint dille stated that he is on the road to an undisclosed event and will attempt to stream it. As it would be hard to overstate the difficulty in getting Mr. Dille to hit the road for any reason after certain events,. I suspect that whatever is motivating him, it will be significant. Apparently, it will happen at 8PM. Keep watching the Essex Thread.

He then posted: I am told things are about to start… Will tell you when and where. Soon… Very soon.

Audio and Video

Audio - NIA INtercept

Audio only - titled NIA Intercept located on the New Wave YouTube channel -


Video - NW Vid Feed

Video only - titled NW Vi Feed - located on New Wave YouTube channel -


Audio - NWAudIntercept2

Audio only - titled NWAudIntercept2 located on the New Wave YouTube channel -


Video - NW Vid Source 2

Video only - titled NW Vid Source 2 - located on New Wave YouTube channel -


This link was never live -

Location of Meeting

Based on the mention of a coffin shaped pool, this may be the location of the meeting - Hotel Figueroa 939 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Resources to check

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