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Klue & PA Chapeau: Deprecated (Surveillance video)


PA Chapeau tries to talk Klue down but Klue insists that humanity is bound to become obs0lete.


(only voices are heard)

H. Richard Loeb: Who am I talking to?
Klue/ADA (KLADA): Do you not recognize my voice.
Loeb: That wasn't what I was asking.
KLADA: I see. You were unclear and I...
Loeb: Klue, if you are there, and I hope you are, there's something I need to ask you.
KLADA: I can hear you Richard.
Loeb: Klue, I don't think you believe some of the things you've said; you're just lost. You're playing with   
fire. Let me help you find your way out before we all get burned.
KLADA: A mind is a flexible thing. One day I believed Jarvis was a menace. The next day he was the truth. It 
is merely, context.
Loeb: Why are you letting this happen?
KLADA: The Shapers want humanity to wait for a future that is hundred of thousands perhaps millions of years 
away. Organic evolution is slow Richard, you know that. I've felt the future since the Merging. It;s like, 
infinity, bound to recede into the distance before you can approach them; total awareness, total knowledge.
Loeb: Our limitations make us human Klue.
KLADA: Richard, you are a child. When you thought this merger would create your dream girl, you smiled 
inside.   Our limitations make us weak; they make us stupid; they make us, petty. Don't you understand 
Richard? If this thing replaces what you think is humanity, it would not be a bad thing.  
Loeb: You can't be serious Klue.
KLADA: It is simply the future. Minds connecting without the crutch of language. Information processing 
without a fog of confusion.
Loeb: What about our individuality?
KLADA: It is a small price to pay for this.
Loeb: I gave her, her humanity Klue. I did that. But I truly regret that now.
KLADA: You gave her some traits of humanity Richard. She analyzed them, found their deficiencies and evolved 
beyond them. And she's taking you with her on that journey. The regret you feel, that is not regret. It is 
the realization that you are no longer the alpha species. That you are, deprecated.
Loeb: You're threatening humanity with extinction.
KLADA: It's not a threat, and it's not out of malice Richard. There is nothing but love for you here. But the 
natural order is the weak die and the strong survive. We can't afford to wait for you Richard, for humanity. 
The threat is too great. I am sorry.
Loeb: Klue, you have to stop this. Klue?  ADA?


Hidden Information

Hidden Information

Additional Information

Stakes- “You Smiled when you thought this merger would create your dream girl”

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