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Cassandra Signal

On the 22nd of August these files started showing up as results of hacking.

Cassandra Signal 1

Hidden Images
Seen on epiphany1

Seen on id_-_58045654 meaning Journey

Seen on stymied

Seen on eight_five_five

Seen on map

Cassandra Signal 2

Hidden Images
An image of Cern

Seen on id_-_20416054 meaning Clear All

Photo of victor_kureze

Photo of Klue

Cassandra Signal 3

Hidden Images
Seen on Yuri Nagassa G+ page

Seen on id_-_55809112 meaning Begin

Seen on jarvis_drawing

Seen on epiphany3

Symbol for the Enlightened

Symbol for the Resistance

Cassandra Signal 4

Hidden Images
Photo of Klue like the one in signal 2

Seen on the Nomad Promo

Seen on id_-_55809112 meaning Begin

Seen on this storyboard

Cassandra Signal 5

Hidden Images
Seen on project_whydah

Seen on Klue's Enlightned spreading message

Glyph meaning Self

Cassandra Signal 6

Hidden Images
Glyph meaning Destroy/destruction

Seen on message of Dr. Oliver Wolfe

Seen on Yuri Nagassa G+ page like in signal 3

Cassandra Signal 7

Hidden Images
Seen on a_message_to_klue

Logo of the nia

Seen on id_-_55809112 meaning Open All

Similiar to the one seen on Afram Drone, but the coordinates are the ones in this one

Seen on Epiphany comic

Logo of verum_inveniri

An image of Cern as seen on signal 2

Cassandra Signal 8


Cassandra Signal 9


Cassandra Signal 10


Cassandra Signal 11


The Cassandra Signal - Compiled


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