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Divided:Lynton-Wolfe and Mazz (Surveillance Audio)


OLW: Did you get in to see him
Mazz: Yes, but, somehow he knew I was recording him. He busted me. Then he just let me go. Told me to take his message to Hank.
OLW: Message?
Mazz: That he could help him, help Hank.
OLW: Screw Hank Johnson, what about me? Get me out of here. He's going to figure out sooner or later that my loyalties are divided.
Mazz: I think so. Hank wants to meet with you.
OLW: How can I get out of the compound without Jarvis knowing? He senses everything.
Mazz: Here take this; wear it around your wrist. There's dark XM inside. Not much, but it seems to disrupt normal XM patterns.
OLW: So if I wear this, Jarvis won't be able to see my thoughts.
Mazz: That's what Azmati says. These don't seem to work when he is close, but he's on the other side of the compound now and it should buy us some time. OLW: Fine, I'd rather die on the run then be offered up by Jarvis to his friends. There are forces at work that he does not understand. Mazz: Save the lecture doc, let's go.

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