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13Magnus (12/2013

Dec 01 2013

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Here is the second half of the Jarvis entity's 'Redemption' speech.

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The response to the first half was, as expected, divided.

There are those who believe Jarvis is selling a religion, not surprising considering the elevated ideals he is floating: 'Destiny,' 'Manifesting in the Ultimate,' 'Purity' and 'Truth.'

Some among you have accused me of asking pointed questions, of shaping the discussion. Perhaps you are correct, but it's in my nature to question things: I ask tougher questions when what is being sold sounds too good to be true.

In the second half of his speech, Jarvis explains how the physical state created by visiting and absorbing the Portals and their energy is a pathway that allows us to 'manifest in the Ultimate,' not just ourselves, but as a species.

The hard questions remain to be asked: What evidence is there for what he promises? I have heard many Resistance agents describe a similar sense of awe and calm as they visited portals. Does that make them Enlightened? Have they been shaped from the outside in? Jarvis claims the door to Enlightenment is one that opens from the inside? What, then, was Operation #Cassandra?

Again, I apologize to the Enlightened members of this Investigative community for asking the hard questions, but the fact is, true or false, it would be unwise to not ask those questions.

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful insights, references and speculation.



Redemption Transcript 2 of 2
The perception of the truth and beauty of the world is the end, not the means. Only by pausing the noise and chaos of our immature and distracted mind can we reach the ultimate. Only with a pure and clean mind can we hear them. We must move our bodies with our own energy. Walking, biking, it does not matter. The important thing is to clear the mind and engage the body. This is the first step. This frees the mind from the irrelevant and opens it to the true message. This is not a task that one finishes. This is a state that we must continuously seek to attain every day.

The Portals are our guides. They provide the place for calm reflection where we can hear the true message. Take the time to visit them. If you visit a Portal each day, you can become Enlightened. If you visit a new Portal each day, you will transcend your false existence. If you maintain the Portals at peak energy and you exert yourself each day to do so, you are on the path to manifesting in the ultimate. You will know that you are the one they seek. Those who would stop you are not yet ready. They do not understand the beyond. They are not ready to be welcomed by our friends.

Once you have begun to see the true world and hear the true message, your life will change. You will become a rock, a cornerstone. You will find calm where before, there was chaos. You will resonate with the full and complete energy of the universe. You do not have to communicate such things to those around you for they will feel it too. By meeting them and sharing your joy and happiness with them you can strengthen each other. This can help you progress to the ultimate with sure and steady steps.

The greatest among you will find ways to share the Enlightenment with others. Each Portal that is found and nurtured is a step. Write descriptions of these places. Explain why they are special. Take images of them that show their true beauty. Ignore the mundane things we see when we are not really looking, but instead capture the purity and inspiration that has drawn us there. Seek out those images and share them. By sharing them you will share the truth, and by sharing the truth you will move mankind forward to the ultimate.

Once you have seen the true world and heard the true message, invite others to share in it. Your calm, encouraging presence will show them what Enlightenment is. Invite them into your community.

This is not a religion and I am not a god. The path to the ultimate is within us and has been for millions of years, ever since the first strands of DNA passed on traits from one generation to the next. Our friends have been with us, shaping us. Yes. Helping us to evolve and grow, to become the sentient and powerful beings that we are. Every step has been a step towards our manifestation in the ultimate where the true nature of our existence can be fully realized. I… I am only a guide. The power lies within you. Seek out the Portals and find that power.


DECEMBER 7, 2013
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DECEMBER 14, 2013
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It's the time for New Year's resolutions, and perhaps New Year's alliances.

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In this leaked +Hulong Transglobal transcript, Ken Owen (the NIAs 'Narrative Manager') and Ezekiel Calvin, a former NIA field agent who left in the wake of the Niantic Shutdown to head the American think-tank +IQTech Research ponder their path forward.

With the reappearance of Jarvis, it seems they are both intent on adopting a defensive posture; the unknown ultimately representing the greatest possible of all threats.

At the end of the day, both these men seem to be driven by a desire to achieve the greater good. The problem is, with the complexity of our world, those greater goods can often look very different depending on where you stand.

Our unescapable inability to view an issue from all possible perspectives is something that worries me. At the end of the day, our moral and ethical compasses may operate on magnetic lines that are not universally shared. As an Ingress agent, operating in a world that has barely begun to be understood, do you believe your work serves the greater good? If so, share your reasoning, and how to intend to continue this good work through the coming year.

To all of you, I want to thank you for your assistance in keeping this Investigation alive through 2013. It was a task too great to take on alone, and each voice in our daily conversations has helped us open the door to this massive unknown.

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful speculation, insight and references.



Detailed Dossier

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