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Retrieve the Phone

Posted on the Investigation board 7 November 2012

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Yuen: Ken,it has come to my attention that an unknown Blogger is using a site called 'The Niantic Project' and seems to be disseminating information relating to our activities. What is your explanation?
Sent at 09:01 PM on Monday
This chat is off the record
Ken: We have noted the same thing and are conducting an investigation.
Yuen: Mr. Owen, Your job is to keep our name and activities out of the media. It doesn't seem that you are being very effective in this regard.
Ken: It appears that the leak was caused by Dr. Bogdanovich's lost cellphone. It appears that Dr. Bogdanovich lost her phone on a train in travelling to Zurich. It was found and sold by an unknown person, and has been shipped way.
Yuen: have you located the phone?
Ken: We have narrowed its location to San Francisco.
Yuen: YOu have narrowed its location to an entire city“?
Ken: We are not getting a constant GPS reading. I suspect that GPS interference from buildings is masking the exact location of the phone. I am personally going to SF to conduct recovery operations.
Yuen: How did this blogger get the codename and then acquire the Niantic Project URL??? This is beyond embarrassing.
Ken: As a classfied project, we do not purchase public URLs. This is protocol, Director Ni. Due to the circumstances we have since taken the precaution of buying up other related URLs. At this point I cannot answer your question re: codename leak. It is under active investigation.
Yuen: Retrieve the phone.
Ken: Consider it done.
Yuen: I will consider it done when it is actually retrieved.

Yuen Ni - NIA Dir. Operations, Ken Owen - NIA staff, Dr. Devra Bogdanovich - NIA staff

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