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Agenda Booklet

A page from the conference was shared in 2015 - agenda

Stein Lightman and Remote Participation Experiments

April 21, 2017 Stein Lightman Post mentioning the experiments

It's been some time since I have written here. But recent news has made me feel it 

Having reviewed notes I had written in the time of the Niantic Project, I strongly suspect 
that the Role-Playing Game mentioned in recent documents might be quite 
similar to the ‘Remote Participation’ experiments I lead as far back as Waratah (I am assuming 
that this is no longer   classified, as so much is publicly known).  

Put quite simply, I believe that when influenced by large amounts of Exotic Matter, focused 
thought experiments -- especially in proximity to a MAGNUS or significant portion of a MAGNUS 
-- may have real effects in alternate universes.

In other words, I believe that such gatherings are capable of generating ‘alternative strings’ 
or quite possibly influencing our own reality.  

I have reason to believe that our experiments had consequences in our world and suggest that 
this ‘RPG’ taking place at 13MAGNUS: REAWAKENS is playing with much more than just dice... 
it is playing with fire.

I strongly advise, knowing this will probably not be heeded, that more research be done before 
this event is allowed to take place.

Stein Lightman

Edgar Allan Wright Mentions

This is listed on the g+ profile of Edgar Allan Wright

Waratah Symposium
Lecturer, 1991 - 1994
I did early research into verified but unexplained phenomenon. Hidden spaces. Thin Regions. Psychomagnetic Geography. Unexplained Thought. Cognitive Insertion. Microdreams. Anomalous Causation.

October 24, 2013

Edgar left this comment on this post The post does not mention Waratah, only the comment.

It is my suspicion that man has always known of the Shapers, but the interpreted them with the tools at hand. 
For us, it is science and the Ingress Scanner.  Despite my vast study into the field I only know a piece of 
it.  Maybe no more than a Nazteka Shaman. Power comes in groups sharing the knowledge.  That is why I was 
disappointed not to be asked to be part of Niantic.  Had Waratah gone differently.  Had Devra and I parted 
differently, the world might be a different place.

For all of the power of physics, all, in my opinion is determined making significant choices.

Edgar left this comment on this post in reply to a comment made by Lukas Lentz. The post does not mention Waratah, only the comment.

Have I revealed all of that? You are quite observant. I leave you with one word: Waratah.

October 26, 2013


It is as if the phrase 13MAGNUS was a key that unlocked hidden parts of my memory... Dormant...  A synapse 
bridged... It coming back in waves...  Images... Flashes... Seattle... The Space Needle...  The Assassin from 
Parallax View...  We live in a world forged by our imprints...  Seattle... Felicia.  I knew her, but from 
where?  Waratah...  Who is she?  Is IQTech Parallax in code?  Is 13MAGNUS my Coronet Blue...  Do we all have 
one?  Its coming back.. But not clear... Associations without firmament...  13MAGNUS is an idealized 
condition... Somebody said that...  It exists for a moment, leaving traces... Leaving clues...  But you have 
to know how to follow them."  Somebody said that.  Was it Lightman?  Calvin? Kureze?  Devra?  What do they 
know?  What have they forgotten? Is it only me?

The Sharding...  What is the Sharding within and without...  I got a call from a Niantic Operative... 
Mumbai... Searching for the Awakening or the Transcendence or something... It all added up to the 
Enlightenment. Osiris...  Yama... Kala... Annubis...  Ascention... That was it.... Ascention... Tamarind...  
The Sacred Spices....   All eyes will be on Atlanta...  But see Mumbai from the other...  'Swingin' on the 
Bombay one day...  Every move he makes...  Its tangled.  Cluttered. Reality. Art.  Music.  Movies.  All of it 
in a stew of consciousness...  Marinating...  Curry Land...  Atlantis...   Did I really get that call?  Yes.  
Yes. It is here on my phone.. I really did.

I have done my best to record a thought stream.  Fractal thoughts that assemble to a truth.  I would not say 
that it is coming back.  I would say that it is crystallizing.  Yes. That's the word.  Make of this what you 

December 28, 2013

g+ link

Two weeks ago today, +Hank Johnson vanishes in an undisclosed location (has anybody triangulated the lost map
to a real location) I suspect it will lead to something very familiar.  He is gone for a week.  Then, he 
surfaces in Berlin (was it Berlin) with a condition that appears very similar to my own.  Scrambled.  Pieces 
moving around.  Is it possible that the Waratah Symposium was, in fact, code for a mission not unlike Hank's
journey to the 13MAGNUS Nest.  

Suppose too, that the mental chaos is not an attack, or a problem, but a step on the way to either a creative 
brainstorm or a cognitive breakthrough.  

But to the bigger question.  Why was Hank drawn to Germany?  Why now? What else is going on in Germany?


December 29, 2013

Edgar left this comment on this post The post does not mention Waratah, only the comment.

+Operation Essex Just hearing Calvin mouth these words brings back a great deal. Those were my ideas.  Is it 
possible that they did not so much scramble my brain as simply lifted ideas, whole from it?  Is that the 
shaping? Is that the counter-shaping?  We were closer than we thought at Waratah...  The question is this... 
From when do I retrieve those ideas I lost.  Or were they my ideas at all. Were they on loan from another 
place?  To Jarvis' question. Where do ideas come from?

January 28, 2014

g+ link

I have seen something very much like this before. It was a study of shaping.  We did not have cameras to 
record this, then. It was animated.  More primitive in presentation, but I used to see these images in my 
brain.  Memories... Thoughts being formed. But the shaping.  Slightly intrusive or perhaps nurturing would 
bend all of those.  Bend the memory, change the future action.  I think that's how we got into it from 
Waratah.  Suppose the memory was bent dimensionally to create a different perception of reality and thus a 
different reality.  That was our premise. The soft invasion of the brain...  I only wonder what it was us 
exploring our own ideas, or the ideas were given to us. 

Link from Edgar's post -

March 15, 2015

g+ link

This image triggers something. It is as if I have been there. As if I was there.  And Tycho? Have I met
Tycho? At Waratah?  I don't know.  And I fear for Devra.  Once the hunters are loosed, they never stop.

This is referencing this Comic Book page - Tycho Comic Page

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